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    Default First time poster

    Hi to all, this is my first post on this forum-so please go easy on me,l am looking for cartridge advise for a stock Tehnics SL1200 MK2, l brought this from E-Bay to see what the DD thing was all about, and to use it in a second system- holly cow how good does this sound! To say l was shocked would be an understatement, as l said earlier it is stock and a little beat up, but speed is ok and l have re-set the arm the cart is a Stanton SL500,as to the sound it is rich, smooth,3D and very, very musical- ,l would like to upgrade the cartridge, up to 100 ish, but keeping the same aspects of sound described above, phono stage is Cambridge Audio 640P,any advice, opinion would be appreciated-cheers!

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    Hi Tarzan

    Welcome to AOS.

    Could you pop into the Welcome section and introduce yourself. Tell us a wee bit about who you are where you are at in your audio journey, what kind of music you like and the system you use.

    Could you also add your first name as your signature and a basic location into that section too. AOS likes its members to be on first name terms we feel it adds to the friendly vibe of the forum.

    Regards D S D L
    Regards Neil

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    Hi Tarzan,

    Welcome to AoS! What's your first name and where are you from?

    With a standard Technics arm I always recommend a good quality MM cartridge, as MCs need something a little better. Fortunately, there are a few good MMs around.

    The best, IMO, are the current range from Nagaoka - all of which will be miles better than the particular Stanton you're using at the moment.

    Pick the best you can afford from here and enjoy with confidence:


    You should also look at upgrading the stock Technics headshell to Sumiko, shown here:


    Enjoy, and let us know how you get on!

    Main System

    Turntable: Heavily-modified Technics SL-1210MK5G [Mike New bearing/ETP platter/Paul Hynes SR7 PSU & reg mods]. Funk Firm APM Achromat/Nagaoka GL-601 Crystal Record Weight/Isonoe feet & boots/Ortofon RS-212D/Denon DL-103GL in Denon PCL-300 headshell with Funk Firm Houdini/Kondo SL-115 pure-silver cartridge leads.

    Paul Hynes MC head amp/SR5 PSU. Also modded Lentek head amp/Denon AU-310 SUT.

    Other Cartridges: Nippon Columbia (NOS 1987) Denon DL-103. USA-made Shure SC35C with NOS stylus. Goldring G820 with NOS stylus. Shure M55E with NOS stylus.

    CD Player: Audiocom-modified Sony X-777ES/DAS-R1 DAC.

    Tape Deck: Tandberg TCD 310, fully restored and recalibrated as new, by RDE, plus upgraded with heads from the TCD-420a. Also with matching TM4 Norway microphones.

    Preamps: Heavily-modified Croft Charisma-X. LDR Stereo Coffee. Power Amps: Tube Distinctions Copper Amp fitted with Tungsol KT-150s. Quad 306.

    Cables & Sundries: Mark Grant HDX1 interconnects and digital coaxial cable, plus Mark Grant 6mm UP-LCOFC Van Damme speaker cable. MCRU 'Ultimate' mains leads. Lehmann clone headphone amp with vintage Koss PRO-4AAA headphones.

    Tube Distinctions digital noise filter. VPI HW16.5 record cleaning machine.

    Speakers: Tannoy 15MGs in Lockwood cabinets with modified crossovers. 1967 Celestion Ditton 15.


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    Hi Tarzan and welcome.

    The Technics is a well capable turntable ( I wish I still had mine). The Ortofon 2M Blue (don't bother with the RED in my opinion) is a great buy new and sounds great with the techy's stock arm i've also tried it on a few Rega arms mounted on the same table, and it's better, it's currently a little over budget for you (around 125) but has great dynamics and get up and go (modern), the Nagaoka MP110 etc as suggested are also very good and are more laid back in their presentation, but have lovely square bodies to ease alignment.
    The new Goldring 2200 and above are also a good buy, offering a similar modern sound to the Ortofon 2M blue and offer the same threaded bodies making installation a lot easier.

    Good luck, Rob.

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    Hi Tarzan,
    How are Jane and Cheetah?
    I am fairly new here and, in a roundabout way, asked a similar question to you in my early days. Marco gave me exactly the same advice and, (as rumour has it he knows a wee bit about the subject ), I followed it, getting the Nagaoka 110 and Sumiko headshell. All I can say is that I don't regret spending the money for one moment - I am very happy with the sound I get.

    My System:
    Power: Belkin PF40, Custom.hifi.cables Hydra and DC PSUs.
    Sources: Self built HTPC with Xonar ST sound card, NAD T585 multi disc player, Sony BDP-S350, Squeezebox Touch, Techncs SL1210 (mod'd) + Nagaoka MP30, Thomson Sky HD box.
    Amps etc.: 2 x Mini-T amps, MF-X10D Valve buffer clone, StanDAC 7520/Caiman (mod'd).
    Speakers: Mission 774s with added super tweeters
    Cables: best I can afford and likely to change except Homar's RF attenuated co-ax's and Mark Grant USB and HDMI cables. I also like silver i/cs and speaker cable.

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    I'm Andy.


    Thanks for the replies chaps, have posted in the Welcome section, keep the suggestions coming.

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