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Thread: SJS resuscitated

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    I'm David.


    My amplifier certainly isn't for sale but will be heading back to Simon at some stage for an external power supply, my only problem is finding a place for the extra box!

    David Whistance

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    I'm Simon.


    An early Voyd split phase psu in for repairs and servicing. The light in the power switch didn't work, and on one of the speed settings the motors weren't running.

    Inside there was evidence of a previous repair, and after some effort the faults were identified and the psu returned to operation.

    New electrolytic caps, regulators, transistors and darlington output pairs, plus a few resistors. New mains switch, small heatsinks on the regulators and transistors which tend to get a bit warm, and finally a good clean

    Should be good to go for some time yet
    SJS Arcadia Line Level Pre-amplifiers, Headphone amps, MM Phono Stages and SET Power amps - service, repairs, upgrades

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    I'm Chris.


    Many thanks Simon, excellent work with great patience and perseverance I suspect.
    It's performing superbly.

    We've gone on holiday by mistake !

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