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Thread: Valve Pre-Amp - Any recommendations?

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    Hi Andy,

    If it helps, I've heard the above preamps reasonably recently in a familiar system, and can say quite categorically that as good as they were, IMO, the Cary Ian's selling here is sonically superior, by a considerable margin, as well as looking fabulous:


    Its big advantage is that it uses 6SN7 valves, which IME are *the* best preamp tubes known to man - much bigger and more solid and expansive sounding than the usual ECC83s, etc.

    With that huge off-board power supply and gorgeous VU meters, which glow all blue in the dark, and its huge effortless sound, the Cary will probably be the last preamp you'll ever need

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    If you're looking for a second hand TRON Seven line stage, there's one for sale now at 1500 - verily a bargain


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    There would be some nice C-J options within that price range too. definitely not to be discounted.

    ET3 SE Phono or ET5 should be possible. I have an ET3 with Phono and it is a truly excellent sounding bit of kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topoxforddoc View Post
    If you're looking for a second hand TRON Seven line stage, there's one for sale now at 1500 - verily a bargain

    Yes I have heard good things about them and can,t understand why the one at lotus HiFi has not sold at 1495 after many months . I can highly recommend the pure sound L10 too

    The little audio m_one I had recently was pretty good and hi fi guy has an m2 at 750 pounds which would be rather delicious . be audio have a very nice modwright ls100 at 2750
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    If money is a consideration, one can do a lot worse than an EAR 834L. I used one for a few years. It's very musical. Prices going up though these days.
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    I used a Audio Research LS 7 not one of their more expensive models and only single ended but great sound and straight forward to use

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    Cayin SC-10. Seriously good line stage preamp that sounds better to me that my previous EAR868PL - which is the same circuit as the 912 but with less features.

    It's Chinese though so has absolutely no cred. I picked mine up for 900 on the 'bay, but I can't be sure that sounds 100% the same as an SC-10 as it has been modified by Hit Audio.

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    In that range, I would join others here in recommending Thomas Mayer's products, in particular his 10Y line stage. I have his d3a LCR phono stage, and it is a marvel, both in terms of sound and build quality. (It is also a monster... together with its separate power supply it weighs in at well over 40 kilos..). You can also have him do them with silver-wound transformers..as you like. If you were at the Munich High-End this year, you probably had a chance to hear his 10Y line stage driving his 10Yx300B monoblocks into Wolf von Langa's field-coil speakers. This is something just beyond words.
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