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Thread: Deaf Row!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Had a few days to get familiarised with the R852's. I have to say, I rather like these. They're not the ultimate obviously, but if you'd bought new speakers for say 800 that sounded this good you wouldn't feel robbed.

    Not surprised knowing of Robin Marshall (and having owned the 952s).

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    [QUOTE=walpurgis;1251597]Here's a link if anybody wants to try one, what is there to lose (apart from a fiver ).


    You'll have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. Just listening to mine now .

    I bought one of these a while ago and I am very impressed with its performance. I am running it from a super low noise 5V PSU I built with help from a poster in this forum. I prefer the coax input over the optical, not sure why, just I fell overall happier with the copper input. It may be lass fatiquing. At the moment it is running with the output from a Denon DVD player, through a Technics amp (modified to be a pre-amp) into a public address stereo power amp, this feeds a pair of KEF Reference 104ab speakers. It is great for rock, prog etc as they were designed to sound through a PA. Haven't tried it with classical yet. Oh! Great idea - I'll go listen to music!
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