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Thread: IanMac Bearing

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    I'm Ian.



    In an earlier post I mentioned the possibility of the techie bearing baseplate bending.
    Ive just received 2 bearings for rework, the one on the left is OK the one on the right is a prime example of a bent base.
    How one can abuse a bearing to that extent I dont know-but it happens.
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    Blimey, that's had a right wallop!

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    Hi Ian, glad to see a mate back on top health wise. I have one of your bearings and count me in the supremely satisfied group I see you mentioned having copies of the instructions and I would like a copy if you can.

    To anyone considering an ianMac bearing get one if you can. if you want an upgrade but don't want to bust the budget it's a great alternative
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    Mike New has stopped making his bearing , Good to see Ian doing his thing
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    Thanks Ian for taking the time to send instructions and to explain how to top up your bearing with oil. Excellent after care even though the bearing was supplied to the previous owner of the deck.
    Thanks again Ian.

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    Nice to see your health improved Ian. I have a bearing in one of my turntables and I could never tell the difference in use between yours and the MN apart from price.
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