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Thread: The Album Club, October 2014: Chris Rea - 'The Road to Hell'

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    Default The Album Club, October 2014: Chris Rea - 'The Road to Hell'

    The Album Club choice for October is courtesy of Al (Audio Al). It may, or may not, have been a boot sale find for Al, but it is a popular album for many. Please listen to the album in full before you vote.

    The Road to Hell

    Musical Album by Chris Rea

    • The Road to Hell is the eleventh studio album by Chris Rea. It was released in 1989 and is one of Rea's most famous albums. The second part of the two-part title track, "The Road to Hell", is also one of Rea's most famous songs .

    • Release date: October 30, 1989

    • Artist: Chris Rea

    • Songs:

    1 The Road to Hell, Part 1
    2 The Road to Hell, Part 2
    3 You Must Be Evil
    4 Texas
    5 Looking for a Rainbow
    6 Your Warm and Tender Love
    7 Daytona
    8 That's What They Always Say
    9 Let's Dance
    10 I Just Wanna Be With You
    11 Tell Me There's a Heaven

    This is my favourite Chris Rea album, so many good tracks it’s hard to pick the best one

    Chris has a voice designed for vocals you can understand every word. Chris also plays guitar and keyboard.

    Other band members are
    Max Middleton (piano)
    Martin Ditchman (Drummer percussion)
    Robert Ahwai (Guitar)
    Eoghan O’Neil (Bass Guitar)
    Kevin Leach (Drummer)

    The band and Chris make some great tracks together, Fine lead guitar, bass and drums.

    Chris is not faint hearted, the last track "Tell me there’s a heaven" is done with a full string orchestra.

    Really pushed I would say Texas is my favourite track, or The Road to Hell, or is it?

    I could go on and on,

    Hope you enjoy it !

    Wikipedia link: and

    The sound quality on YouTube is poor. Better sound quality is to be found on Grooveshark:!/album/The+...o+Hell/2360654

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    I'm Nodrog.


    Ronnie had this album and I added it to iTunes when digitising it for her. I find that I only ever listen to The Road to hell. The rest I find underwhelming. So only 3/10 for me.

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    I'm Andy.


    Great album- glad l introduced this to Al.
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    I think its a very good LP only let down by Road to Hell part 1 , Tanking about traffic jams , although I suppose its hell in traffic jams

    8 out of 10 from me

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    I'm Barry.


    I was very aware of this album but had never heard it bar the singles. I find his voice a bit boring although it fits well on the sentimental track "Tell me there's a heaven", the rest just washed over me.

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    I'm Bernie.


    I love this album! This and On The Beach are my favourites from Chris. 8/10.

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    I'm Martin.


    Listened to this album a couple of times and apart from a couple of tracks it was all a bit similar. 6/10

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    I have always had a problem with Chris Rea - I find him too derivative. However much to my surprise, I enjoyed this album (apart from the dire last track).

    It has to be played loud and it can sound a bit similar, one track to another, but 6/10 from me.

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    I'm Steve.


    If ever I see a Chris Rea album going in my local record shop for less than a fiver, I just pick it up.

    I accept he is slightly derivative. It's Mark Knopfler's shirtails he follows. But brings his own insight.

    Slightly darker.

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    I'm Andy.


    Always liked this album!
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