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Thread: The WAF and How To Get (Around) It

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    Default The WAF and How To Get (Around) It

    It's been a perennial problem but in these days of Ikea and laminate flooring wives and their asthetic sensibilities are becoming an increasingly difficult obstacle to climb for the man who is seeking no-compromise audio solutions in the home.

    This is not exaggeration - One poor fellow on another forum was, just yesterday, bemoaning the fact that he gets grief from SWMBO for not closing the blinds properly. Woe betide him should he one day turn up with a battered pair of TDL Reference Monitors and attempt to install them in the lounge.

    Worse still it is ruining value for money hi-fi as no longer will an unfinished metal box blatently screwed together and painted with a tin of hammerite found in the shed be an acceptable accompaniment to domestic bliss. So as well as paying for all the expensive components in the box we are now expected to pay for a fancy box as well.

    Loudspeakers have suffered even more. Not only do we have to fork out for real wood veneer when a bare chipboard finish will sound exactly the same, but the speakers must not look 'intrusive', cannot be too wide or too deep, cannot have big drivers; there must be no cables snaking across the floor taped down with gaffer or covered over with an old car mat you found in the garage. In short they must be both expensive and shit otherwise you will return home one night to find out that wifey has packed her bags and gone to her mother's, without even having the good grace to cook your tea and leave it on a low heat in the oven first.

    Obviously even if we leave aside the romantic implications this has numerous practical considerations, not least of which is the cost of the divorce.

    So what can be done about this sad state of affairs? What tips and tricks do you have to maintain domestic bliss and have a f**k off ugly (but superb-sounding) hi-fi system other than marrying a bird who doesn't give a rat's ass? Your suggestions are welcome.
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    Convert to Islam ? Those fella's don't take any nonsense from the Mrs'...

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    A thought just popped into my head. (Plenty of space for it.) Do gay audiophiles have the same problems? Is it a gender thing, or just a partner thing?

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    Work out her favourite albums and get her involved with the process by hearing how wonderful it sounds.

    Minimise the negative and maximise the positive

    Set up how huge, monstrous and ugly something you lust after is and then say you found the smaller, aesthetic and better sounding model at a bargain price

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    Can never understand why a woman wants to stifle a blokes hobby.
    Also don't understand why the bloke ends up being so hen pecked that he can only buy a system that matches everything that she has bought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeMusic View Post
    Work out her favourite albums and get her involved with the process by hearing how wonderful it sounds.

    Minimise the negative and maximise the positive

    Set up how huge, monstrous and ugly something you lust after is and then say you found the smaller, aesthetic and better sounding model at a bargain price

    Thats always been my way too, works a treat !!!
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    Live with/marry the right woman - simple.

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    yes my dear lady does not like my martin logans !!! but as they sound so fantastic and it keeps me happy I am ok so far !!!!
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    My wife hates the appearance of all my system components and they have to share the lounge with the TV which is planted in between the 1 metre high floor standing speakers.

    Recently our rather ancient TV started to go on the blink and I resolved to replace it with a flat screen version with a larger screen. Now she, unfathomably also hates large screen TV's and would prefer to squint her eyes than have a fully open and resolved picture. Interestingly, when she does listen to music, and it is rarely on my system, she listens at a sound level so low, most of the sound dynamics are undetectable.

    So I left the old faltering TV in place for a few weeks until she was thoroughly fed up with it and then without consultation, went out and bought a much larger size new TV and stand, very much to my own preference. Whilst I was in the final stages of assembling the new TV and stand, she arrived home from work. I was expecting a blast about lack of consultation and why was it so big etc, but no, she came in, observed I had bought a new TV and then said, "At least it makes the speakers look smaller".

    Result! Not had a negative comment about the speakers or the TV since

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    It will always be a potential problem if your hifi has to share a room.

    I'm lucky, have my own room and a wife who is ok with my hobby and don't have any problems. Not too bad considering all of my speakers would be at the pinnacle of unacceptabilty for most wives.

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