Guys and gals,

The mods and I are increasingly seeing ads placed in the classifieds section including the words "pics to follow", which is contrary to the stipulated rules... The rules, see here: clearly state that ALL sales threads MUST include a photo of the ACTUAL item for sale.

That means, therefore, that photos MUST be included in all ads BEFORE they are posted, not afterwards. "Pics to follow" is thus unacceptable.

We've let this go for a while, but it seems that some folks are either taking the piss or are too lazy to a) read the rules properly in the first place and/or b) too lazy to go to the trouble of including pictures on their ads, so something must be done to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, any ad placed in Private Exhibitions without an accompanying picture (or pictures) will automatically be soft-deleted. This means that the offending ad will be removed from public view until such times as a picture has been supplied, whereupon the ad in question will be restored. If no picture is supplied within 48 hours of the ad being placed, then it will simply be binned.

If you notice that this has happened to one of your ads, and you're still within that 48 hour period, then simply contact one of the moderators or myself, advising us of when you have a picture ready for inclusion in your ad, and your advert will be restored. Also, if you are having difficulty with the process of posting pictures on your advert, then let one us know and we will gladly help!

Please also note that links to similar items and/or pictures 'stolen' from Google Images, etc, are insufficient and not permitted. All pictures suppled MUST be of the ACTUAL item or items for sale.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation


P.S For maximum exposure, and possible feedback, this announcement will also be posted in Critics Corner.