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Thread: Bargains on ebay? (Part 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by southall-1998 View Post
    Big Ears Audio = Idiot!

    Certainly his stuff moves rather slowly ...many years ago - I think about 7-8 years ago - I made what I thought was a very fair offer on a pair of Pamphonic 2001 KT66 monoblocks. Not only are they still there, the price is exactly the same as it was back then (which I would posit tells us something about whether £2800 is the right price or not!).

    Unless he paid stupid money for them (unlikely I would think) surely turnover in stock is more important in business than having stuff sitting around waiting for a mug prepared to pay top whack and then some?
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    Some ebay Hi-Fi traders are, as Shane suggests, idiots. I recently had an inexcusable experience with 'planethifidotcodotuk' as he calls himself. I shall elaborate on a dedicated thread later once I've compiled the data.

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    These are worth the money if you are local
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audio Al View Post

    These are worth the money if you are local
    Exactly ! great speakers that punch way above their 'price' weight. I've struggled to let mine go hence I still have and thoroughly enjoy them
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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    once I've compiled the data.
    are you a robot geoff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie123 View Post
    are you a robot geoff?
    No, but I'm led to believe there may be some Dalek in the family bloodline.

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    Cheap Sony stack if you needed a starter system ( in Stoke ), if its still there - £30

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinylspinner View Post
    I believe Adam has at least one of these, possibly two.
    I've never actually owned a PLC-590 myself but Noel Keywood had two that we used as workhorses during my time at Hi-Fi World. Fine decks!

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    Tannoy DC200 speakers. Don't be tempted. They are the worst dual concentrics I've heard.


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    Non Original drivers i think so...

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