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Thread: Bargains on ebay? (Part 2)

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    Default You have got to see this!


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    I'm Alan.


    ICEpower modules in a box and he wants HOW MUCH

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    I'm Oliver.


    Wow ............ Lost for words.
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    Quality woodwork. Making the brad nails a decorative feature is a nice touch.
    Excuse me, are you the Judean People's Front?

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    They are perfect for Marco, an audiophile connoisseur, and just like a good wine they will mature with age
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJSki2fly View Post
    They are perfect for Marco, an audiophile connoisseur, and just like a good wine they will mature with age
    Only if they come with lots of blue lights
    Music , fills the gaps between silence !

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    Ridicule alert!

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Tom.


    I think we should admire such a minimalist approach. Less is more, after all. The preamp best exemplifies this philosophy, and the careful cable twisting shows a zen master at work. Think Jiro and Sushi. While the boards sat at such jaunty angles I'm sure are the result of careful considerations of Feng Shui.

    No expense spared either, I'm sure the wiring is genuine copper
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    I'm Sean.


    Gumtree just up the road from me in Bristol- Arcam 75 Amp, 72 CD player and Dynaudio speakers for £100 seems cheap. If I had a bit more room would buy just for a play.


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