Hi all

Here we go...

I am looking to buy into an excellent turntable and tonearm. My research so far includes :

Kenwood Kd 990
Pioneer PL 71
JVC QLA75 or 95
JVC QL Y series above the 5 model
Sony ps 2251
Sony ps 3000
Sony ps6750
and of course a modified Techi 1210.

Ignore budget for now.

The Pl71 stock tonearm can take cartridges between 4 to 32 g. My heaviest cart is 15g, so I probably want a medium to heavy mass tonearm?

However the Kd allows me to mount my SME 3009 2 imp and 3rd heavier mass tonearm.

Tonearm for the above non tonearm decks e.g. Sony 3000, would be Pua 1600 L, pua 286, Jelco?

Any others e.g Micro Seiki and their tonearms?

Thoughts, suggestions, advice greatly appreciated to narrow down into 3 possibilities 😊

Best, Steve