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Thread: Spinning Today - What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Part 3)

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Eddy Grant - 'The Greatest Hits'


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    I'm openingabottleofwine.



    Aretha Franklin - 'Love Songs'


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    I'm Steve.


    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Eddy Grant - 'The Greatest Hits'

    That face says it all - he really doesn't wanna dance. He does wanna sing though, which is nice
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    I don't want to sing nor dance (well not if I'm going to be observed!)

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    I'm Mike.


    Less bling, more integrity ©Spenagio

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    I'm Adrian.



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    I'm Peter.


    Starting with KT while I've got the house to myself...

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