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Thread: tv hifi spotting

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    I'm nigel.

    Default tv hifi spotting

    after much boredom-drinking I have had the bright idea of a hifi spotting thread....

    so far I have seen a pioneer 1250 receiver in a virgin ad with that guy off
    breaking bad....who my wife fancies...grrr

    I also spotted a nad av receiver in the latest episode of mimic....just behind the bird off shane meadows "this is england".

    oh..a few weeks back i also spied a fisher valve based receiver....a pattern here methinks!!..in a old episode of columbo, can't recall the plot mind.

    c'mom people, pass on your spots......perhaps the site owner could offer a prize every week for the best spot!!!!


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    I'm Andr'e.


    I Seen loads but tomorrow im knackerd toneet

    movie: Good morning vietnam for instance shows Garrard '401s' s , SME's & Ferrograph 'Series Seven'

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumday View Post
    c'mom people, pass on your spots......perhaps the site owner could offer a prize every week for the best spot!!!!
    What do you think this is, Christmas?

    Good idea for a thread, though, even if I haven't got a scooby-doo what "breaking bad" is....

    Quote Originally Posted by sumday
    so far I have seen a pioneer 1250 receiver in a virgin ad with that guy off breaking bad....who my wife fancies...grrr
    Wossat, then?

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    Paul Hynes MC head amp/SR5 PSU. Also modded Lentek head amp/Denon AU-310 SUT.

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    Speakers: Tannoy 15MGs in Lockwood cabinets with modified crossovers. 1967 Celestion Ditton 15.


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    Saw what looked like a Sansui receiver on a Galaxy chocolate ad, James Nesbit's character in "Murphy's law" owns a pair of Royd Edens... Can't think of anything else recent.

    There's an e-cig ad where a group of hipsters start there own club in a derelict building or something, always makes me laugh as it shows the fella setting up a belt drive TT then in the next shot he's scratching on it

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    I'm Gone.


    In the movie Clockwork Orange, there is the famous Transcriptors supplied by John Michell. The film starred Malcolm McDowell and was shot in Elstree. In the film Gangster Number One. i supplied on hire, a Garrard 401 SME 3009 mk1 in a Loricraft plinth, TWO Revox A77s one high speed, one low a 33, FM2 and a 303 rounded off with a pair of Tannoy Lancasters. The film starred Malcolm McDowell and was shot in Elstree, do you see a pattern emerging

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    Found this from the excellent link James posted earlier -


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    There was a drama-documentary about Jacqueline du Pré (made for TV) which depicted the use of a Thorens 125/SME deck with Quad 33/FM3 electronics.

    Quad ESL 57s and Ferrograph (Wright & Weaire) tape decks appear in the Powell and Pressberger film "Peeping Tom".

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    In one episode of Elementary Holmes is seen in front of MacIntosh equipment in his brownstone.

    House also had a turntable in his office at the hospital. Couldn't tell what it was though...

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    Matt Damon's girlfriend in The Departed listened to evidence of his discretions on a cd playing on a full McIntosh system through a pair of Sennheisers...

    I remember my mum telling me that Insp Morse had a nice rig. I can't claim that one though as I've never watched an episode...
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    Will Smith in 'I Am Legend' has B&O speakers
    Current Lash Up:

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