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Thread: JL Audio Open Event @ Ideal AV (19th - 20th July 2014)

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    I'm Manny.

    Default JL Audio Open Event @ Ideal AV (19th - 20th July 2014)

    We are having a JL Audio open event from the 19th-20th July 2014 at Ideal AV.

    The subwoofers on show will be as follows:

    Dedicated room

    2 x JL Audio E-Sub E112's running as master/slave.

    Switching to 2 x JL Audio Fathom F113`s running as master/slave.

    Living Room

    The living room demo room will have the JL Audio Fathom F112, JL Audio E-Sub E112, dual JL Audio E-Sub E110 and the gob smacking F110. This single 10" driver subwoofer will amaze you with its power and depth, never heard before from a 10" driver subwoofer.

    Providing the other audio channels will be a full blown Audyssey DSX 11.2 channels setup driven with Marantz AV8801 processing and Acurus Amplification. The Bluray source will be the OPPO BDP 103 and 105.

    Everyone is welcome and appointments can be made but usually people just turn up as and when. The event starts at 10am and goes on until we have all had enough.

    Anyone wanting to attend please either ring or email Alan at Ideal AV on the below numbers or personal message myself.

    01924 781011 - 07830 034521

    For further information on our products visit our website www.av-techsolutions.co.uk

    Please see pics of the E-Sub Series & fathom Series of Subwoofers.



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    I'm Manny.


    Please feel free to bring along any demo material that you would like to listen to.

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    I'm Rick.


    Hi Manny

    Have a good one

    In the meantime I'll be dialling in an Arcam AV950 AV Processor to a Fathom f212 and a pair of stacked E-112's Crazy but nice

    All the best

    Rick @ Musicraft
    Musicraft is Derby's foremost dealer for the finest, specialist Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Multimedia components/systems. So, if you would like to know more about how our products can enrich your life, then please visit us or contact Rick.

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