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Thread: Hi-Fi Plus Review of OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature

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    Default Hi-Fi Plus Review of OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature

    Hi All

    I have not been active for a while, my bad.

    Time to do some catching up...

    We have a new review in Hi-Fi Plus Issue 111 of the OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature by Alan Sircom. This is a review of the players 2-channel capabilities and Alan really liked the player.

    Here are a couple of quotes;

    “Traditionally, the CD replay of OPPO players has been on a par with good dedicated models in the £1,000-£1,500 mark. Audiocom uprates that by an order of magnitude, and suddenly it’s going toe-to-toe with £10k-£15k players.”

    “Thanks to Audiocom’s hot-rod skills, it shifts up a gear or three in the detail stakes too. That puts it in among the big boys of digital audio.”

    The full 3-page review can be downloaded here.
    Mark @ Audiocom, Wales UK - 01646 650008




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    Hi Mark,

    Nice to see you checking in again - hope life is treating you well

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