Hi Folks, just been clearing out my store room and am shocked to find so much good stuff in there. Thought I would offer it for sale here before I list it at knock down prices on my web sites. Also need to get rid of the remaining stock listed on the site so I am offering at here at much reduced wonga.
Some of it is ready to go high end schmutter, some is listed for parts so please read the descriptions and pm me if you need more info. I have a ton of stuff to go through so I don't have time to faf about with photos for everything so mail me if you want piccies of individual items and I will oblige. It will take me a week or more to go through it all, the following is the first part, next week I will be listing a Sondek, some Monitor audio GS10's, some Snell Acoustic type K's, a Pioneer A400 and a mountain of other stuff. In the mean time, try this for size:

Audiolab 8000a integrated amp, nice nick, couple minor marks n top, MM/MC, 2 tape loops, one of my all time favourites: 120 Plus post if needed.

Pair Videoton Minimax 2 speakers, Hungarian built, incredible sound for their size, 2 way 15 Watt 20 plus post.

Pair of Mission 762i speakers, immaculate and excellent sound, up to 150 Watt pc, 500mm hi, 250 wide and 285 deep, bass reflex. Only 60 plus post.

Pair of Celestion Ditton 33's in teak cabinets. VGC, 3 way, 25/50 Watts per channel, very heavily built, one has one dodgy banana post that could do with replacing but ok if you use banana plug (just the screw bit is knackered) Would have to go as 2 parcels so P+P would be 27, bargain at just 95.00

Pair of empty transmission line speaker cabinets. They are in black ash, 610mm high, 355mm wide and 270mm deep. They have cut outs for a 170mm diameter bass / mid and a 102mm diameter tweeter. The rear is ported and has a cut out for a terminal plate. No grilles, few minor marks, bargain at just 15 plus post.

Dynaudio Special One speaker - one only, works fine, great if you need a spare or have 1 blown - 45 plus post.

Bass driver for Tannoy M20 Mercury, GWO, 15.

120 recorded minidiscs, all sony 74 minute discs, selling as blank media, they currently have a wide range of music on them, absolute bargain at just 75 for the lot. Plus post.

Tannoy Mercury DC200 Dual Concentric speaker - 1 only. Perfect working order, 10 inch dual concentric driver, 40 plus post.

Sony SCD X770 SACD player with remote, excellent condition, perfect working order, knock down price of just 65 plus post.

Technics SAE10 tuner amplifier, slim line silver model, very powerful, see pictures and further details at www.usedhifishop.co.uk. Another bargain at just 65 plus post.

Adcom GCA510, superb American amp, full details and photo at www.usedhifishop.co.uk, price now just 60 plus post.

Pair of B&W Beovox 1200 type 6227 speakers, now 45 plus post.

Pair Goodmans Achromat 400 3 way speakers, 12 inch bass drivers, great 1970's disco sound, price dropped to just 60 plus post - these will be 27 to post as they are too big for one parcel.

Pair of B&O Rl60.2 slim speakers, full details and piccies at www.usedhifishop.co.uk, price dropped to just 60.

PAir of Tannoy 631 corner speakers, 40 plus post.

Whitely Stentorian HF816 driver in Wharfedale Melton Cabinet 30 plus post.

Technics SJMD150 MD Minidisc recorder, no remote, 60.

Post per item is 13.75 unless stated otherwise, we will combine postage where we can.

Watch this space for the next load in a week or so's time.