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I can highly recommend the KAB PSU.

I’m now back with an almost Brand new/ unused 1210M5G originally from KAB with the KAB PSU. 2-3 years ago I had a fully upgraded M5G. I sold it and bought a Rega RP10. I sold the RP10 and now how the two turntables in my signature below I never should have sold my M5G. But now I’m happy again! I have a glass platter on top and a fluid damper. This time I will keep the original arm, because now I now How good it is!

It’s great to be back
Chris can you tell me why you sold the RP10 an when back to the Techie, thats a big endorsement for it ! Also between the Techie and Rega P3 with upgrades which do you prefer or if its more a difference in sound can you explain it between the decks ? Cheers Si