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Thread: KLE Innovations RCA Plugs at MCRU | Keith Eichmann Returns!

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    News feeding through that Keiths next RCA plug will appear in May, same style different metal contents, better hopefully,
    although these new ones are selling really well and good reports so far, another advantage is they are a doddle to solder
    to most cables and look the biz....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reffc View Post
    Usually, you want lower impedance on the screen/return, so you would connect one of the cores to return and one to signal with the shield either connected at both ends or floating at one end. As you rightly point out, you don't want lower impedance for the signal than the shield/ground return. The ground return does not carry a signal so is not equal to the signal core. It is a ground return needed to complete the signal circuit. You may be confused with a balanced system where both conductors carry signal.
    Think it's down to my non-understanding of electronics to be honest.

    I immediately visualise almost a kind of push and pulling of current down an open circuit wire and the next device in the chain tapping into this. I guess I visualise it like say what happens with a transformer.

    Of course, think about it for just half a second and that is absolutely wrong as there is not really much of a connection between signal and ground at all other than through the whole connected circuit in the pre-amp/amp next in the chain.

    Which does make me wonder why 910 should sound better other than different connection possibilities as described before but that's what people say.

    I've got a long length of Precious Metals coax cable here of a similar look to the Oyaide 501/910 - bought for 10 about 6 years ago off ebay, wish I'd bought the other four lengths. Does anyone remember Precious Metals cables? Might be good to try with these connectors.

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