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Thread: So, tell us about your user name..............

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    Join Date: Dec 2014

    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    I'm Muzzaffar.


    Raja is a Malay word which comes from the Sanskrit Raja and having the same meaning of King or Monarch. Catur is also a Malay word which originates from the Sanskrit Catur or Caturanga which is the ancient form of the princely game of chess. My moniker Rajacatur harks back to my younger days when I used to play chess seriously and travelled all over Malaysia, UK and the world playing for the national, company and university team. (Black is OK!).

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    Join Date: Dec 2014

    Location: Germany

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    I'm Henry.

    Default you Brit's will know ...

    my nick runs around since 99 , digits come from that year ... and I love their music , really good scotch men,
    unfortunately they stopped playin , still one of my favs : Del'Amitri

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    Join Date: Mar 2015

    Location: Cornwall, UK

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    I'm Mark.


    Because I am.

    It's a nickname I collected a long time back that kinda stuck.

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    Join Date: Mar 2015

    Location: Paragould, AR

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    I'm Dan.


    Celt, because my family lineage goes back to the Sligo/Mayo area of Ireland and Scotland.

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    Join Date: Dec 2014

    Location: England Sheffield and/or Nottingham

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    I'm David.


    I like walking up on the moors in the Peak District, Ronskley Moor is in Derbyshire on the East side of the Upper Derwent valley.
    Dont know why Ronksley Moor there is really nothing special about it at all, fairly remote though so nice and quiet that is if its not windy and there arnt any airplanes about

    photo is from this wonderfull site

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    Join Date: Mar 2015

    Location: Prestwick, Ayr

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    I'm Aleks.

    Default Captain Valve


    I used to work as a recording engineer in a studio some 20 years ago. I was the only person with experience of valve studio equipment. One day a compressor wasn't behaving itself and I quickly resolved the issue. The group using the studio that day quipped Captain Valve to the rescue and the name stuck.


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    Join Date: Mar 2012

    Location: south wales

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    I'm paul.


    It's a joke name I once booked into a hotel using this name! Anyway my system is Funk sapphire 12inchfxr Vdh crimson se, trilogy 907 phono stage,various CD players, music first preamp sugden masterclass power amp,or pass labs class a integrated, graham ls5/9 spendor s8e, and magnepan 1.7, townshend and Vdh cables, I live near port. Talbot but hail from swansea, Music anything good especially Zappa.

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    Join Date: Apr 2015

    Location: Vancouver

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    I'm Don.


    When I was growing up my buddies called me Parkie, which was short for Parkhurst, my last name. When I signed up for Gmail, they wouldn't let me have Parkie, so as I was 37 at the time, Google suggested Parkie37.

    Holy C***! that was boring

    Now I wish I had a clever user name

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    Join Date: Apr 2015

    Location: Chipping Norton, UK

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    I'm Steve.


    Guitarrero is Spanish for 'Guitar Maker', and that describes what I do ... I make Spanish guitars; carefully
    I wish I knew what I was doing ....

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    Join Date: Mar 2015

    Location: Lytham St Anne's, UK.

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    I'm James.


    Mines too simple really. When I first needed an online moniker, signing up to ebay, I think, I chose my first name, my other initials and the year I was born in. I've used it pretty much every forum I've joined since. Obviously a lack of imagination.



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