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Thread: So, tell us about your user name..............

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    I'm Tim.

    Default My User Name is..

    ...hopefully not too difficult. Andy Nogger is the 3rd album by Kraan. Said by some to be their best effort, but I think the live albums (of which there are several) show better what the band can do. The title track doesn't give much clue about whether he was a real person:

    "Andy Nogger is no He-Man
    He is a dressman and a Yes-man
    He's so young and he's so dashy
    His strong teeth are white and flashin'

    Andy Nogger needs a gaylight
    Always new cars 'n' she doesn't drive
    All the women like this boy
    They would like to be his soil..."

    Indeed....! Sounds rather like a Kraut David Watts.

    Apparently "Kraan" means faucet in Dutch, being being German the band didn't know that, they just liked the name!

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    I'm Mark.


    Quote Originally Posted by gninnam View Post
    My surname backwards!!
    What a coincidence, itís the same with myself.

    100% Analogue

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    I'm Henri.


    I watched a movie called Storm Riders, some years ago. One of the lead characters, and all around bad ass, was named Lordcloud or Lord Striding Cloud. Used it once, and I just kept using it.

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    I'm Tommy.


    Short story..
    I did own a Toyota Celica Gt4 with 350hp and 500nm. Always running fast at the tracks.
    Had big horns in my head trying to be the first around the track.

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    I'm Ivo.


    Primare - after my home theater system brand name.
    RT-909, 707, CT-F1250, 900, 750, 700, P-D1, TX-7800,
    SR-303, SG-9800, SA-7800, DT-400, HPM-100
    Nakamichi: BX300e, BX125, BX 1, CD4

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