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Thread: So, tell us about your user name..............

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    I'm Peter.


    Rosewind: my wife's middle name is Rosen + my last name is Wind. My children are named Rosen Wind and that is roughly the Danish equivalent of Rosewind. I haven't gotten around to use Rosen as my middle name. I may still do that.
    I'm Peter, Denmark: AD Audio Satchmo (coming) / Michell Argo HR + EAR 516 + Quad ESL 57 + PTP6 Acoustand L75 + Alfred Bokrand Ortofon 10" - Denon 103D + Emerald Phono Stage + Allnic AUT 2000 SUT + Leak Stereofetic FM Tuner + B&O Beocord 6500 Cassette Deck + Synology DS 415+("upgraded" to 8gb memory) cabled to Win10 PC - JRiver - Paul Pang USB-splitter cable - Linear 5v psu - Nuforce U192s - Line Magnetic 502CA DAC

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    I'm Rob.


    So, Filterlab then.

    Well, when I started composing professionally back in the mid-90s I was using a Yamaha SY-85 workstation primarily (and a lot of other bits and bobs besides); I tended to shape each patch (instrument) using the vast array of onboard filters, one of which converted key velocity into a filter envelope (I believe it was either cut-off or resonance) rather than volume - i.e. the harder the key is hit, the wider the envelope. With progressively increased key striking the effect of an opening and closing filter could be played directly in rather than sequencing the effect (slow).

    A composing mate of mine one day mentioned that it was like I had my own laboratory for filters. I became Filterlab and I've stuck with it widely since.

    My old website is still live in fact: www.filterlab.co.uk

    The acronym is actually a backronym, which I came up with whilst drunk and playing scrabble one evening on a 'music composition with a mate week-long holiday in a cottage'.

    Main system:
    Ben Duncan Mains Conditioner > Mac mini running Fidelia / Samsung 55 TV > Audioquest Crimson USB / QED Reference Optical Quartz > Leema Acoustics Elements DAC > Chord Clearway XLR interconnects > Bel Canto Ref500S > Chord Clearway speaker cable with Clearway jumpers > B&W 683s > Audioquest SLiP Neutrik Speakon > BK Double Gem sub

    Music production system:
    iMac > Crystal USB > Audioquest Jitterbug > Arcam rDAC / Audiolab M-DAC > Edifier S3000 Pros / AirPulse A100s / Adam A7Xs

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    I'm Drew.

    Default Why Linnnaim

    Hi All

    I guess it is pretty obvious in the past Naim Amps/Preamps and Linn Speakers/LP12. All Linn at the moment (could change it has many times in the past) should really change it to LinnLinn.

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    I'm Steven.


    LoneStar - one of the best restaurants in Barbados ��

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