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Thread: TC-7533 Rec'd!

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    Default TC-7533 Rec'd!

    Hello, All!

    Just rec'd the new TC-7533 (Black Face) on the weekend - thanks to Mr. Beresford for the very quick service! Very sharp looking unit - the fit and finish are excellent (as usual), and controls/hook-ups are very well laid out and easy to use.

    Initial reaction: compared to my TC-7520 w/THS4032CD op-amps, the TC-7533 highs seem to be just a hair 'brighter' and the bass a tiny bit tighter and sharper. Mids are very much the same as my modded TC-7520 - full, rich, warm in vocals/instrumentals. After complete 'break in' I will do a more concentrated side-by-side comparison and will share my findings soon, but I expect pretty much the same results as others of you who have already posted your opinions about the BM MKII, and it's all been excellent! Thanks for reading - happy listening!


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    Nice to see a happy customer

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