Wow - nice one, erm, Jon!

Could you please alter your profile to reflect your real name?

Anyway, that sounds like a cool plan and a lot of fun with your ST, so I hope it goes well. I understand, and to an extent agree with your point on modifications devaluing 'desirable' cars. Sometimes that's the case, but IME not when its done right, using the highest quality parts, from specialist companies well known by car enthusiasts, and which fundamentally improve a car's performance.

For me, that would not deter the right kind of buyer for the right car, in the same way as a sympathetically and professionally modified pair of vintage loudspeakers wouldn't deter a discerning hi-fi enthusiast, who ultimately values sound quality more than originality...

I mean, you're not going to tell me that the remap, bigger intercooler and improved exhaust system you're having done is going to 'devalue' your ST? Therefore, IMO, neither would a set of bigger (bad-ass black) alloy rims, from the likes of BBS...

But then, I never buy cars for investment purposes, or worry about losing money on them. I buy them to fulfil a specific purpose, mod them if necessary, and most importantly to have some fun in them, making sure I get my money's worth in the process, before (undoubtedly) eventually selling them on at a 'loss'.

But what price could I put on all the years of pleasure I've had out of the mods, in terms of how they fundamentally improved the car's performance, and just driving it in general? In that respect, I don't give a toss how much I've 'lost'. The gains, especially in terms of all the FUN I've had, completely outweigh the money I'll eventually lose. It's only money! That certainly applies with my Brabster. Anyway, keep us posted on your exploits with the ST, as we like hearing about such projects!