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Thread: Homebrew Beers, Lagers, Stouts, Porters eto

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    Default Homebrew Beers, Lagers, Stouts, Porters eto

    I have got back in to making my "own" beer over the period of social isolation (and pubs being shut )

    It has been over twenty years since I made any and have been using simple branded tins of extract. The problem has been finding beers which brew well at home (although so far so good). It has got me thinking that recommended kits/tips etc could be a useful thread, as I have just been buying on spec.


    Woodfords "Nog" - first attempt and brilliant. Dark beer, good head, bitter and toasted malt flavour - will make this again.

    Courage "Directors" - fermentation slower, classic beer but the hop flavour a bit too "green" to me if that makes sense (wife likes it though)

    St Peters "Cream Stout" - Still conditioning in the bottles, but VERY promising. Bitter finish, chocolate and fine mousse - will make this again.

    Festival "Pride of London Porter" - just started, but I have added extra dark spray malt to the recipe so it should come out at about 6%

    I have just ordered a Czech pilsner kit and an American IPA for the summer months, will let you know that I think in about a months time!

    All the above have been bottle conditioned using a spray malt solution which I made up, so sediment in bottom of bottle (Coopers PET bottles - initial expense, but reusable). I was going to use my old Boots pressure barrel, but the gas injector was buggered, actually finding it is working really well to bottle condition though.

    Any recommendations for kits/whatever gratefully received.

    Edit - as much as I am enjoying making and drinking my own beer, I really miss the social aspect of going to pub/chatting/playing pétanque (boule) - must get some mates around to sample my beers when the situation allows.
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    Hi Guy,

    Sounds great, but seeing some pics of your home brews would be great! Good idea to start this thread, so it's probably going to be largely up to us two to keep it active, so try and update it regularly.

    We have a couple of Polish shops in town, which stock some really interesting Polsh beers and lagers - stuff that you just wouldn't find anywhere else, and when it comes to beer or lager, I prefer 'off the wall' stuff (often craft varieties) to the mainstream offerings found in supermarkets.

    For example, I've enjoyed these Polish beers recently (pics taken from the net_:

    The first one is a really deep, hoppy and refreshing, quality lager, and the other more a yeasty beer/IPA type, with more bitterness, but still smooth and creamy. Both are highly recommended if you can find them.

    Another I enjoyed this evening, which I picked up in Lidl (£1.25 a can), called West End Pils, from By the Horns brewing company in Wandsworth, London (again pics taken from the net):

    More info here (check it out as they have some nice stuff): https://bythehorns.co.uk/2020/02/15/west-end-pils/

    That was also very nice. Pale, quite creamy with slightly zingy, lemony tones and bitter finish. Definitely recommended! I know you prefer darker, more 'chocolatey' beers, but I tend to drink those more in the winter

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