All members please note the following:

As of today, following a decision made by the management team and I, no mention/discussion of RD or HFS will be permitted, and from now on this will be very closely monitored. Therefore, aside from the stipulated exceptions (detailed below), these subjects are now strictly prohibited from being mentioned or discussed. Furthermore, no links will be allowed to the HFS website, and any posted will be immediately removed, with a warning subsequently issued to the offender.

Anyone mentioning Richard Dunn [this means any reference to him out with of that pertaining to normal audio discussion] (see below for an example of exactly what is permitted in that respect), or HFS, or found posting links to the HFS website, will receive a warning - and if discussion of said prohibited subjects persists, a week's ban will be issued to the offender, followed by a permanent ban, should said warning not be duly heeded.

It should be noted that the above ban does not include sales/wants ads by members for NVA products in Private Exhibitions or standard queries/discussion about NVA products and services in any other area of the forum.

For example, if someone wishes to advertise their NVA amplifiers or cables for sale, or post queries about NVA products and services in other areas of the forum, or discuss their NVA equipment, then this will be permitted, [B]provided that no mention of Richard Dunn is made, out with of him simply being the owner of NVA and the designer of their products. Most importantly, no reference whatsoever must be made to the HFS website or its members.

In exceptional circumstances, however, I reserve the right to mention the above, *if* I feel that it's in the best interests of AoS, and/or to correct factual inaccuracies of requisite importance about AoS or me, often spouted by RD or members of HFS.

We trust that our members will respect our decision and comply with this new ruling, as we feel that the decision to implement it was necessary in order to maintain the friendliness and harmony within our community that AoS has become renowned for.