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Thread: Your favourite DAC?

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    I'm Oliver.


    Quote Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
    It is a collaboration between two Designers works, one of Whom is the Designer of the VAS Valve MM Phonostage, the Designer who carried out the latest upgrades, the other is a Designer who I believe produced it, AND produces products that retail at silly prices. I don,t know the company name.
    I have it as a relabeled Brand, the Brand Logo I have on the front of it is Audio Pills.
    I am not sure if this is a repeatable model due to the history of it production.
    It will be a relevant presentation at a CD vs Vinyl Bake Off.
    Bear in mind, I am slowly converting to the merits of Digital replay, I,m not beating the drum for it, or attempting to even suggest I have a experience that is vast. I am 'just enjoying' the new found qualities it is has been offering my set up when used for a replay.
    If I was not so impressed with the mini Modded CDP vs Vinyl Bake Off on my system recently, I do not think I would have acted on this opportunity to purchase a DAC from similar design backgrounds.
    Fair enough!

    I still remember the VAS phonostage very well. An Excellent phonostage. Best on the day imo.

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    I'm John.


    I have a small correction as to the origins of the DAC.
    The owner of NVKaudio is the Designer who carried out the upgrades to my model.
    The producer of my DAC and NVKaudio are long time associates and share design philosophies on DAC circuitry.
    The VAS MM Phonostage is undergoing a complete overview of the design, these design changes are being overseen by NVKaudio. So that was my misunderstanding.
    NVKaudio gave a assessment of this model,claiming it would be a worthy contender to a High Quality Valve Based CD Player. Both I and my friend agree with this as a fair assessment supplied by NVKaudio.
    For the record, I have no vested interest in any commercial body in relation to this DAC.
    This reply and the references to other parties, is to correct a reply I previously posted in which I had a misunderstanding in who was involved in producing the DAC, following a question from another forum member who showed a interest.

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