RFC is delighted to announce that it is now a UK dealer for Jolida valve amplifiers, DACs and other high quality valve based hifi kit. I was that impressed with the sonic abilities of the modest little Jolida JD302CRC amplifier and the quality of its internal components that I have decided to add Jolida's products to RFCs own portfolio of quality hifi.

The ethos with Jolida is broadly similar to RFC in that it wants to bring exceptional quality to the hifi enthusiast at real world prices. Like a few other manufacturers such as Croft, you don't pay for superfluous external casework bling, what you do pay for is high quality design and components plus of course great sound!

The end result with Jolida is functional, versatile (by design) and superb sounding hifi designed and made to very high standards. Unlike many amplifiers emanating from the Far East, Jolida amps are designed from the ground up, and employ not just some eye wateringly good internals, but unusually full and extensive circuit protection simply not found on most other valve amplifiers. This helps protect not just your valuable speakers in the unlikely event of a fault occurring but also protects the amp against accidental damage.

For more information, please see the latest RFC NEWS page or visit RFC's Product pages for more information on the amplifiers and pricing.

If you are interested in any of Jolida's products and would like to arrange a demo using the informal and comfortable surroundings of RFCs own listening room, you would be welcome. Just PM me to arrange.