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Thread: Post your cats ( or other worthy critters )

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    Quote Originally Posted by struth View Post
    indeed she is.. lovely dog... one of the miseries of being badly disabled is not being able to look after a pet.. great company, cats or dogs.
    if you get the right dog, it could look after you "Oy Bodger! come to the bathroom, and bring a bog roll with you!"

    We miss having a dog. Our last one (Brian) was a big bugger, 11 stone, and no one would take him as he was so big. RSPCA had us put taller fence panels in, but he could still look over them. Then at 5 years he got bone cancer and went downhill quickly. Having him put to sleep was one of the most heartbreaking days of our life, and Anita vowed never to have another dog.

    So she got a cat. Who's lovely, but a bit of a cul-de-sac. No way would she tolerate another animal coming into the house. So we're a cat family for probably the rest of our lives (cat will probably see me out.)
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigmy Pony View Post
    She's a real looker Geoff, a face you would love with at first sight! And it's nice to hear she's already protective of your family
    Thank you, Steve. We are blessed to have been given her by somebody who was struggling to give her what she needs. Fortunately for us, we can and she is giving it all back to us in a lovely way.
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    Typical evening for Eva..

    Thats after waking me up at 4:30am by bouncing on my bladder then knocking over my glass of water and generally being a tw*t at that time of the morning.
    Then, when i get up and usually stand in some kind of half eaten bird, vole, mouse etc on the landing, it’s then time to feed her, which she almost always decides to vomit up somewhere in my cottage, and at maximum volume.
    Sometimes i’m happy just to leave for work, even if i’m lucky enough for her not to have skinned me alive just for stroking her.
    When i arrive home from work she’s a little more amicable having done shit all during the day, bar shedding her fur all over any black clothing i own and doing her best to destroy my La-Z-Boy armchair by using it as a scratching post.
    Then it’s feeding time again, and low and behold she distributes the food anywhere and everywhere with the added bonus of some sort of mouse guts in the mix via vomit.
    This is what i get for asking the Blue Cross to give me the cat that no one wants or wants to re home.

    Would i change anything…

    Fcuk no, i wouldn’t change it for the world. She’s just perfect.

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    Hi mate,

    You have PM. Please reply, ASAP


    P.S Nice cat! Oh, and your wood burner certainly looks 'well used'

    Even if the cat's naughty, I wouldn't chop it up with the axe
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    We had to say the final goodbye to Bruce at the weekend. After his usual walk around the block on Saturday morning he suddenly took a turn for the worse, couldn't seem to lift his head, breathing became very laboured and we knew something wasn't right.

    We rushed him to the vets and they advised that he had likely had an organ failure or a possible ruptured tumour and that there was nothing they could do given its severe ty and his age. We took the decision to help him to the other side and end his pain, holding him, stroking him and cuddling him.

    I'm amazingly thankful for the years we had with him, originally he was just going to be a Foster dog. He was doing so badly in the shelter we felt taking him home even for a few weeks would help him even if he wasn't quite the dog for us. That first afternoon through the front door we lay his bed down in the living room and he sat in it took a big sigh and it was as if he knew he was home. And that was kinda that.

    He was always the softest most gentle of dogs around us and his 2 cat brothers and impeccably behaved with my brothers kids whenever they visited. He was usually happiest sitting in the sun in the back garden barking at overflying birds or whatever he assumed was going on behind the back fence. Always available to help if there was too much dinner on your plate or if the cat left anything in their bowl.

    He was probably a few years older than the shelter lead us to believe, probably more like 5 or 6 than the 3 they estimated. So he'd made it to around 13 which is not a bad age for a staff. The last year or so he had slowed up a lot, his arthritis despite medicines was hard on him, walks had shortened a lot, he'd lost his hearing and seemed to be struggling a bit more.

    Yesterday happened very quickly but it was the right time, I'm just glad we had him as long as we did.

    RIP Bruce

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    ah, shame.. was a nice dog. used to enjoy his pics...rip Brucie
    Grant .... ؠ

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    Quote Originally Posted by struth View Post
    ah, shame.. was a nice dog. used to enjoy his pics...rip Brucie
    Thanks Grant mate

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    Sorry about your loss - sounds like he was a grand dog
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    Very sad news Ben, he looked a lovely boy, full of character. R.I.P. Bruce
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    Ben , I do hope you are not sad , You should be very proud for giving him a loving home and wonderfull life with you

    Remember the good times together
    Please note , I cant spell , now you all know

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