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Thread: Post your cats ( or other worthy critters )

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    I'm Andy.


    Love it
    Main system:

    Philips DCC 730
    Technics SL-PJ28A CD Player
    Michell Orbe with arm decoupling kit & Pete's Pylons. Acrylic replacement patter, SME V. Goldring Elite MC and Firebottle OTP MKII Phono Amp
    Lenco L75 in Birch ply plinth. Linn Basik Plus. Denon 103M cart plus 12 inch wooden tone arm with A&R P77 cart through a Cairn Boost Phono Amp
    Network Player.
    Raspberry PI plus R2R DAC (also used as a CD player) plus Pi NAS Server
    Pure Sound A30
    Reiver Jenna floor standers
    Sennheiser HD545 Ref, HD600, HD477
    Headphone Amp
    Myryad Z40 (also used as a pre amp)
    Backup Speakers.
    TDL RTL2, Some home made concoction...
    Backup Amps
    Audiolab 8000a, Armstrong something or other, Amstrad Quadraphonic something or other, home built EL34 power amps.....

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    I'm Ivo.


    Here is the lizard of my daughter - Lacerta viridis, around 32 cm long. He is with us almost an year.

    PLC-590, RT-909, 707, CT-F1250, 900, 750, 700, T-C3, P-D1, TX-7800,
    U-24, SR-303, SG-9800, SA-7800, SX-750, DT-400, HPM-100
    Nakamichi: DRAGON, BX300e, BX125, BX 1, CD4

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