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Thread: North East Bake Off 2 - 21/06/13 Hartlepool

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    I'm Alan.


    I went and had a cracking night so many thanks to Steve for organising it
    It was really great to meet everyone and there were some great music produced, I was really impressed by Neil's Ruark speakers and his Lenco turntable and that MingDa valve amp they really rocked,
    Nice to meet Jez and hear his lovely phono stage. Also a pleasure to speak to LesW and see his fantastic amps in the flesh and that new Tone arm looks really special.


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    Good to hear it was worth you going, Jez. Did Les, from Avondale Audio, also make it?

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    I'm Jez.


    As Alan said yes Les made it there too. Interesting looking pickup arm prototype from Les but unfortunately we didn't get to hear it as I believe there was some issue with a turntable he had brought (not certain of my facts on that one) so we saw it unmounted.. as it were.

    Alan, I'm guessing you were the guy with the reel to reel? It sounded very nice anyway.

    I had my eyes and ears opened as to how good a Lenco GL75 could be when fettled... bloody marvellous! I've got at least two of those somewhere so I may well have to have a play... Yes that Ming Da valve amp was very nice and could kick ass when required! The Ruark speakers must be pretty efficient to do that on 38 WPC as it wasn't a small small room really and they got up to some good spl's at times.

    It was nice to see so many people still "home brew" and modify hifi kit in the tradition of this technical hobby... What with the re-plinthed etc Lenco and Garrard and then the kit built phono stages which both sounded nice.

    Steve, Neil I'm looking forward to the Hartlepool International Hi End Show as soon as you have it organised

    It was nice to come back to my home town for the first time in several years but it's changed so much I didn't recognise most of it and even got lost!
    The full motorbike gear was a mistake! Forecast said going to turn nasty but I got there having lost about two pounds in sweat underneath all the garb and it turned out to be a beautiful summer solstice evening. Hooned it back at about the ton and got bike away, cat fed etc in time for three pints in my local Weatherspoons (open till 1). Result!

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    I'm Alan.


    Alan, I'm guessing you were the guy with the reel to reel? It sounded very nice anyway.

    Hi Jez, yes that was my Tascam BR-20 R2R and Garrard 401.
    I agree about the Lenco what a cracking turntable, I also have a Leak delta (lenco 75) in the garage so I will certainly be having a play with that when time permits


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    I'm Ken.


    NEBO2 was my first event of any kind and I really enjoyed it.
    Great venue, great bunch of people and great sounds.
    Hereís a few of the things that were going on:

    Alans Tascam R2R sounded spot on. That Ming DA Amp running EL34ís could rock, pretty amazing as it was fresh out of the box that evening, what would it be like once run in?

    Alans Garrard 401 with Jelco arm, nice!

    Jezís Highly modified CA Phonostage was really precise and belted out some Steeley Dan and Dire straits in a very detailed and controlled manner. Those Ruark speakers were also impressive.

    Jez also brought this amp as a bit of a conversational piece, but it sounded quite good, particularly like the minimalist case.

    This was my battery MC Phono Stage (below TT). Itís my version of Hypnotoads AD797 project.
    It worked well, but I thought Jezís unit had it beat. It would have been nice to hear them at lower volume levels for a better comparison.

    Mickís Verdik amps from the 1950ís made an appearance at the end of the evening, but we ran out of time. I think an all day event could be in order?

    It was a very pleasant evening and I look forward to NEBO3, big thanks to the folks that provided the venue, food, and drink and of course to Steve for bringing the event together.

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    I'm Rich.


    Looks like a good event was had by all....

    Steve has put some pics and a write up on his site here http://progmeister.com/nebo2

    Sorry I couldn't make it but my Mrs deserved a good weekend away after doing so much for her mum lately. We had a fab time eating and drinking our way around Netherlands and more importantly I've earned enough brownie points for NEBO3 and the AoS show when it happens.
    One of these days... I'm going to cut you into little pieces.

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    I'm Les.


    My thanks go to Steve for organising the event and to everyone for the warm welcome given to Jennie and I.

    It was a pleasure to listen to the systems and to chat informally to the enthusiasts about a number of
    interesting matters.

    A great event, I look forward to another.

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