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Thread: Anyone remember JDI pre / monoblocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare Bird View Post
    Fred was from Lancashire not Yorkshire
    Yes ! It was a deliberate attempt to create conflict.... ahem, honest!

    Still, he had an amazing accent.

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    Hi there, the reason I joined this forum was to share this info on some JDI.

    About fifteen years ago I was lucky enough to find my current speakers were up for sale from the guy that built them, so I bought them due to the fact they were unique and were exactly what I was looking for in terms of bass response.

    The only problem this posed was powering them! After I had paid for the speakers he also offered me the chance to buy some amps to power them. He had kind of deigned the speakers to work in tandem with these JDI pre & mono blocks so it was an obvious choice.

    How he came to have them I'm not sure but he was once in the R&D department for Wharfedale so I guess he knew a few people in the business so to speak.

    Anyway, I bought the pre amp and six mono blocks which meant that I could run the speakers active (he also gave me some crossovers for running them passive should I wish) and the active crossover components so I could build that too.

    He also had some literature and gave me a framed picture of the JDI advertising (the pic below) but this is all I have. I've scanned it, because as you say, there is virtually no info on these amps on the internet.

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    That's good of you Nick, thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex_UK View Post
    That's good of you Nick, thanks for sharing.
    You're welcome. As it happens, this pre-amp is on eBay at the moment.. Good price considering new they were 3.5k


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    Gents, apologies to resurrect this topic, but in light of below, I'm trying to ascertain if I should be using a low output or high output MC cartridge?

    High Output Sumiko BPS - 2.5mV

    Low Output Sumiko BPS - 0.5mV

    I've been using a high output Sumiko BPS, but they do a low output one as well. With the high output, volume is pretty loud at half volume, would a low output be approx one fifth of this, and is there any discernible advantage to one or the other?


    Quote Originally Posted by SCIDB View Post

    I remember these from the late 80s. To my ears, they were a very fine sounding combo. It had good resolution and detail. I remember being very impressed at the time.

    Here is a quote from a query I have seen on Hifi Wigwam from a few years ago.

    JDI amp review from Gramophone (1989)..

    "A high accuracy moving-coil only phono stage is fitted which has a claimed dynamic range of 107dB."

    Rated output power is 60w RMS into 8 ohm

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    Hi Nick
    It is easier to attenuate vs amplify. Given the high output version exists - getting that initial output
    higher at the cartridge source would IMO be better, than say exploring losses and greater amplification
    error later

    Cheers / Chris

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for that, I was wondering the same. I think I'll stick with the high output.

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