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Thread: Set Up Menu Image retention from oppo Blu Ray player

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    Default Set Up Menu Image retention from oppo Blu Ray player

    Having been lent an Oppo Blu ray player I set about setting it up and after a few minutes, not more, I sat back to try it out and to my utter horror the ghost of the menu was still visible on the screen and it didn't fade much. I switched to free view and found a program without a logo and left it for an hour the menu was still visible though fading and after another hour of feeding HD and noise from the analogue tuner the much faded image was still visible though faint. I tried switching the set off and on with not much improvement.

    Now I have seen this before with my pioneer DVD player - hooked up via HDMI - set up menu but the image from it faded in a few minutes so why has the oppo created this issue? All the settings on the plasma tv are on or below the halfway mark and it is about 2 years old so it is burnt in.

    Since getting this I have been careful and a little paranoid re image burn -TV channel logos, letterbox framing etc but this incident has really put the wind up me re how easy it might be to cause damage to a set.

    So any ideas re how to use the set up menu on the oppo safely - if I need to.

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    First I will assume you have a plasma TV.

    A white screen is the best way to reduce/remove image retention - assuming that it is retention and not burn.
    (Some tv's have an option to produce white screen)

    Your TV may have different settings for each input, so your normal freeview / sky / cable most used input may have a lower contrast setting.

    Contrast is the setting to check and reduce to lower the risk of image retention. Reduce it as low as you can for the setup menus.
    (Brightness does BLACK, Contrast does White - Even if it sounds the wrong way round)

    Image retention on new(er) plasma tv's will continue to be possible as they maintain the ability for a brighter* picture longer into their life span. So a 2 year old TV can still suffer retention/burn

    * brighter meaning intensity not related to brightness control

    Some things mentioned (or all) you may already know, Hope that's of help.

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