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Thread: Sleeves - Inners and Outers

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    Default What to do with the inners

    All - a RCM workflow question for you ...

    I've got myself a RCM which replaces a pair of Knosties. Previously, I'd place a new antistatic inner (nagaoka) inside the LP cover and sometimes back into the original paper inner - if it would fit. That's a bit laborious.

    There are over 300 - but i'll clean them all. I will use more new antistatic inners and will now use outside covers to put the main sleeve in.

    Now, what should I do with all the old original paper inners (some have a liner in) ? bin them or keep them ? I prefer the bin but not if thats the wrong practice/wrong thing to do then please let me know what you do!!



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    For outers ,I have bought Vinyl Keepers for the last 12 months after trying others. I did have the over size ones before, they are OK for large doubles and triples but just too big for the single LP's.
    The Vinyl Keepers were manufactured too big at one stage but they sorted it and now they are OK (12.75). You can buy direct from them or through Amazon. I get the 450g ones for 12"



    For inners, these have been good for me:

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    Does anyone know where to bu Blake sleeves in the UK?

    I can get them imported but the shipping is as much as the sleeves!

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