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Thread: denon dl103 on a pu7

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    Default denon dl103 on a pu7

    need some advice here guys
    today wasn't a good day, in fact, it was a really bad day, whilst cleaning my t/t, i didnt put my stylus guard back on my denon 304, and yep, i trashed it with a duster!
    the canti snapped completely off i've ordered a dl103 to take its place, has anyone had an experience or heard one on an Audio Origami pu7?

    thnx, Al
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    Hi Al,

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident with the 304

    Never mind, your 103 should work very well with the PU7 providing extra mass is added to the headshell. Ask Johnnie to make you up a suitable brass 'ballast' to increase mass on the PU7's headshell and you'll be away.

    If you go on the basis that the 103 needs 20g of mass at the headshell to perform optimally, then just get Johnnie to make up the difference between the weight of the PU7's standard headshell and the 20g needed for the 103

    Keep us posted how you get on!

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    No experience of the arm, but my experience with the cart is that it needs quite a bit of mass.

    I tried one in a RB300 once and it was terrible, in my Technics arm with plenty of extra weight it's sublime.

    edit: Marco beat me to it!
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