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Thread: Pet Hates........or FFS

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    I'm Shane.


    People who say "obligated" instead of "obliged". "Obligated" doesn't exist.
    Time flies like an arrow.
    Fruit flies like a banana.

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    I'm ChrisB.


    "Obligated" doesn't exist.
    Well said that man!

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    I'm AudioAl'sArbiterForPISHANTO.


    Weevils that argue back.

    To be scientific is to take into account all of reality, not to be selectively inattentive to the inconvenient -- Pharos 2019.

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    I'm AMusicFanNotAnAudiophile.


    I h8 textese

    Common sense isn't anymore!

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    The phrase 'train station'. It's either a 'station' or a 'railway station'. FFS.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Pedantic prats who take everything too seriously and pursue minor issues like a dog worrying a bone!

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    I'm Steve.


    Lateness, it's just rude.

    TT: 1986 Townshend Rock, 1980 Luxman PD264, 1978 Planar 3 in original condition. LP12 (work in progress).
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    Speakers: 1995 Castle Howard S1, 1970 Wharfedales, Dick Smith's $80 specials. KEf Ref 104aB, Usher S-520.
    Headphones: AKG Q701, Massdrop / Hifiman HE-4XX.

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    I'm tired.


    People who say 'pacific' instead of 'specific'

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    I'm Geoff.


    Quote Originally Posted by Batty View Post
    Lateness, it's just rude.
    Quite right. I make a point of always being on time to meet people, as I hate having somebody keep me waiting, not that I wait for long.

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    I'm andy.


    The term ''my bad'' and sentence suddenly stops, really gets up my pipe.
    Frank...made me do it.

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