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Thread: Feedback section for buyers and sellers

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    I'm Justin.


    A big thanks to Steve, STD305M. The amplifier is simply wonderful. A great buy from a great guy.
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    I'm Mike.


    Many thanks to Mauro (gerlando) for the very speedy delivery of the Rega PS.

    Immaculate condition and most perfectly packaged

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    I'm Dan.


    Many Thanks for doorstep delivery of the LA Audio A30 by Jerry of this parish - Fantastic bit of kit amazed space i reserved in rack was not big enough to a company this amplifier but found a space now - firstly We set her up for a demo i was instantly blown away sure my big grin said it all to Jerry - we used the Audio Notes for the demo and when they say they need valve i have come to the conclusion they certainly do astonishing we played Queen Hits 2. surprisingly heavy bit of kit at 12KG time for some Pink Floyd now...

    Thanks again - 10* from me
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    I'm AnDreW.


    Peter (Petrat) for the SME V 12 above and beyond service and communication. Truly excellent thanks.

    CD Teac VRDS25X(Audiotuned) DAC Caiman SEG+15V PSU+Dorado DECK 1210 Mat SPH SSS Mods MN Base/Bearing/Platter+Ebony armboard Feet Isonoe/Ebony PSU Paul Hynes SR7EHD-27XL/DCSXL Ag DC lead/3 Stage Regs/Recap PCB+No Pitch/Strobe/Light ARM SME V(Kondo Ag Rewire&Tags) MC Cadenza Black CABLES Arm Yannis SPD-4 IC Yannis 222 Litz+Ag bullets Power WAR PRE ATC SCA2 SPEAKERS ATC 50ASL STANDS Atacama PHONO Sugden Masterclass PA4 SUT Ortofon ST80SE POWER PSAudio P10


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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    many thanks to Adrian (AJSki2fly) for the Jackson Browne CDs he sold me.

    Apologies for the slow reply but I wasn't in when the postie called leaving a note stating it needed a signature. Arranged a re-delivery, but that wasn't honoured for the day chosen; the postie tried to deliver the next day whilst I was away... Third time lucky!

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    I'm Nigel.


    Many thanks go out to Kim, aka yolakim, for the free of charge HiFi stand. Good to see you yesterday and thank you.


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    I'm Dan.


    Bought the cables off SteveW - solid comms and speedy delivery, appreciated
    Bigger than you...

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    I'm Stephen.


    My thanks to Mauro (gerlando) for the Talk cables - great comms, fast dispatch and very well packaged.

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