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Thread: Feedback section for buyers and sellers

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    I'm Gareth.


    Thanks to Matt (matt2007) for a pleasant and fuss-free transaction. Great comms and quick payment received for my Bluesound Node 2.

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    I'm Rich.


    A big thanks to Mauro (gerlando) for a pleasant and easy deal on his P3 headphones, quick shipping too.

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    I'm steve.


    Quote Originally Posted by Dubster68 View Post
    Thanks to Steve (carruthersesq) for the cracking deal and fast delivery of the Firebottle preamp. Smooth transaction with loads of advice. Also to Oli who advised me on spending my money along this route
    Like wise Mick, thanks for easy and quick transaction. Hope you enjoy.
    Regards Steve

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    I'm Pavel.


    Many thanks to Alex A, who sold me his Meridian 551 amp. He patiently answered all my questions, packed the amp very well and shipped it immediately. Overall he’s a great guy to do business with

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    I'm Paul.


    Much obliged to Sherwood/Geoff who solved my laptop to hifi wireless issue by selling me his Belkin BT receiver, and very nice it is too !
    Really good comms and a silky smooth transaction all round - there's some fine people on this site !

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    I'm Matt.


    Quote Originally Posted by Getgaff View Post
    Thanks to Matt (matt2007) for a pleasant and fuss-free transaction. Great comms and quick payment received for my Bluesound Node 2.
    Thanks Gareth. The Node is a great addition to my system.

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    I'm peter.


    Cycleallday (mel ) Hi Mel great to deal with and paid very promptly , thank you for a easy deal ,AAAA+++

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    I'm Mel.


    Thanks Peter (Gwernaffield) for a really quick delivery and great communication - item was in the post within 2 hours and in my hands within 30 hours


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    I'm peter.


    hi mel cheers money was spent as fast , enjoy the dr f

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    I'm Neil.


    Colin2040 (Coilin) supplied me with some Listener HiFi magazines. The magazines came well packed and in good condition. Colin was a gentleman, easy to deal with.
    Regards Neil

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    System 2 (Music Room) : Vinyl: Turntable 1 Loricraft Garrard 401 Turntable + SME 5 Tonearm, Graham IC70 Tonearm Cable + VDH MC10 cartridge Turntable 2 Modified Technics 1200 turntable + Triplannar 7 Tonearm + VDH Frog Gold Cartridge + Paul Hynes SR7 PSU Turntable 3 SME Model 20 Turntable + Graham Phantom Tonearm + Graham IC70 Tonearm Cable, Ortofon MC5200 Cartridge PhonoStage: Balanced Audio Technology VK10se Digital: Moon Andromeda CD Player, Toshiba 9500 DVD Audio Player Computer Audio: AMR DP777 DAC + Dell Laptop + iFi Audio i Power + JKenny JKSPIDIF + Wireworld Starlight USB Tuners: Kenwood 8300 Tuner, Revox B760 Tuner, Leak Troughline Tuner + EAR Stereo Decoder ReelToReel Tape: Revox B77 mk 2, Revox A77 mk3, Sony TC-377 Cassette Tape: Nakamichi DR10 Headphone: Audio Valve RKV2 OTL Valve Headphone Amp, Headphones Grado GS 1000, Sennheiser 560 Ovation2, Sennheiser 410SL Pre-Amplifier: Balanced Audio Technology VK52se Power-Amplifier: Music Reference RM200 mk1 Speakers: Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5 Audio Cabling: Signal - Audience AU24, Kimber KCAG, Audio Note ANVs, Barry Hunt Cables Speaker - XLO Type 6. Mains Cabling: Audience AU24, TCI. Mains Distribution: Mark Grant and Russ Andrews Equipment Tables: Clear Light Audio Aspekt Tacks Isolation/Platform: SSC, Bright Star Audio Isonodes, Naim Frame Record Cleaner: Hanns Audio

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