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Thread: Feedback section for buyers and sellers

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    I'm Nathan.


    Thanks to Guy for the heybrook TT2 belt. It was good to deal with you

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    I'm Steve.


    big thanks to Haselsh1 (Shaun) for a swift purchase of his Heed phono stage. Quick delivery and well packaged. Its a blinder.

    Deal with confidence.

    Thanks Steve

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    I'm Steve.


    Paskinn (Peter) recently purchased my Nagoaka MP500 cart, it was a smooth and quick transaction. Great to deal with

    Thanks Steve

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    I'm Paul.


    Just a quick thank you to Geoff (oldius) for being a total gent in connection with the sale of his Origin Live Conqueror arm to my friend Charlie.

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    I'm Geoff.


    To Paul's friend Charlie for the flawless purchase of my OL Conqueror tonearm. The effusive feedback is lovely to hear too!
    Main system: Sony TTS8000; SME IV; Audio Technica Art1; Denon PMA-850; SBT; Technics sh-x1000 DAC; Yamaha NS1000.
    System 2 - SBT; Kinshaw Perception DAC; Lentek and Klark Teknik Jade 1 studio monitors

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    I'm AnDreW.


    Jason (Trololo)

    effortless purchase of stock 1210 tonearm, works a treat. Many thanks


    CD Teac VRDS25X(Audiotuned) DAC Caiman SEG+15V PSU+Dorado DECK 1210 Mat SPH SSS Mods MN Base/Bearing/Platter+Ebony armboard Feet Isonoe/Ebony PSU Paul Hynes SR7EHD-27XL/DCSXL Ag DC lead/3 Stage Regs/Recap PCB+No Pitch/Strobe/Light ARM SME V(Kondo Ag Rewire&Tags) MC Cadenza Black CABLES Arm Yannis SPD-4 IC Yannis 222 Litz+Ag bullets Power WAR PRE ATC SCA2 SPEAKERS ATC 50ASL STANDS Atacama PHONO Sugden Masterclass PA4 SUT Ortofon ST80SE POWER PSAudio P10


    Croft Epoch(Modified) AMP Sondex S100 (Modified) SPEAKERS Tannoy 15"MG+RFC Warwick cabs+ Reference XO DECKS Garrard301/401 (Bastin) Mat Teunto Bearings 401/SPH Plinth Moldovan/Bastin Arms 3009/3012(Ikeda Ag wired) SME V 12 PSU Eagle+Tachometer MC Ag Meister v2 / Royall N SPU's CABLES Arm Yannis 420.5 Litz+ Speaker 10mm Cu + WBT-0681 Ag IC Oyaide FTVS-510 AgWBT 0110Ag Phonostage Paradise(4 Box Modded) / EAR 834 Clone (modded)


    PRE Radford SC25 (Mullard ECC83/82) POWER RADFORD STA25 Renaissance (Electroharmonix EL34) SPEAKERS Celestion Ditton 15 (Duelund Rewired/Jantzen Recapped) CABLES Speaker - Duelund AWG 12IC - Belden 8402+Switchcraft RCA

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    I'm Clive.

    Default Oppo bdp-95eu

    Just to say THANK YOU to John (captains log) for buying the OPPO BDP-95EU BluRay player I had for sale. Very easy to deal with, hope he enjoys the player as much as I did.
    SOURCE:Auralic Aries G1, OPPO UDP-205 BluRay, SkyQ, Technics SL1210M5G/Achromat/MN Bearing/Isonoes with Boots/Jelco TK-850S Tonearm/AT-OC9XSH or Hana SL or Hana ML, PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter
    DAC: Chord Qutest with SBooster, Chord Mojo/Poly
    AMPLIFIER: Bryston BP17-3 Pre & Bryston 4B3 Power
    SPEAKERS: Spendor D7.
    HEADPHONES: OPPO PM-1 with Atlas Zeno cable, B&W C5 v2
    CABLES: Analogue: Speaker - Chord Signature. Interconnect - Atlas Mavros XLR x2, Atlas Mavros Ultra, Chord Indigo Plus XLR, MCRU Silver Tonearm cable
    Digital: Atlas Mavros Ultra x2, Atlas USB, Chord Optichord.
    Mains: Chord Power Chord x2, Black Rhodium Libra/MK/Shurter or Wattgate x5, IsoTek Orion 6 way, Sounds Fantastic 6way Mains Blocks.
    STORAGE: Synology DS216J NAS with 2 x 3Tb WD Red hard-drives.
    TV LG55B7 OLED

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    I'm Alan.


    Big thankyou to Steve (steve s)... for giving me a nagaoka mp50 stylus..but the story dosen't stop there...it was attached to a Nagaoka solid body stilton MP11...which he gave to me free...and plays superb...top man Steve....Many thanks again....Alan..

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    I'm john.


    Thanks to Clive197 for a smooth deal. Good communication, well packed, everything A1....


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    I'm Neil.


    Thanks to Andrew (Rexton) for the smooth transaction re his MN armboard, as described, posted quickly - perfect transaction

    Regards Neil

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