My lovely Elas have to go- I think the reputation of these speaks for itself. Mini transmission line, fast and accurate. The nebulous description people always give is "musical".

They are in pretty Good condition for their age. Sadly 1 ding on each, on an upper rear corner (which keeps them hidden from view). Overall the Black Ash finish is wearing it's 15 odd years well. The first 2 pictures show one after I fed it a little lemon oil- lovely.

The rest were taken beforehand when I took them out of the cupboard where they have been for several dusty etc.

Apart from those little rear dings they are very good- even the transmission line foam on the rear top is completely intact, unlike many pairs you might see these days. Similarly the grill covers are excellent.

170 please. Would prefer collection from Glasgow but will be travelling down to Rossington in just under a couple of weeks so can bring with me.

pictures below:
elaf2 by rohan baboolal

elaf1 by rohan baboolal

ela1 by rohan baboolal

ela4 by rohan baboolal

ela5 by rohan baboolal

ela10 by rohan baboolal

ela11 by rohan baboolal

ela13 by rohan baboolal
ela12 by rohan baboolal

la9 by rohan baboolal