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Thread: Which 5 albums have you played the most?

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    Default Which 5 albums have you played the most?

    Just thought this would be a bit of fun and I have been meaning to do it for awhile.

    Back in my yoof' I couldn't afford to buy as many albums as I do now and during the mid 70's I was paying more than I do now with less money - how upside down is that?
    Its also where every single penny I earned went, either records, gigs or my Afghan coat!
    Anyway, in those days I would play albums constantly when I bought them, time after time after time, whilst memorising the lyrics and pouring over the album covers.
    These days I may only play some albums once, which is ridiculous really but there you go.
    I'm pretty sure this is representative, hard to be totally certain really, but these are the 5 albums I think I have played more than any others in my life - what are yours?

    (in no particular order, but I know for sure that I've played DSOTM more than anything else)

    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
    Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
    Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Led Zeppelin - IV
    Supertramp - Crime of the Century

    near misses;
    ELP - Brain Salad Surgery and S/T
    Alice Cooper - Killer
    Deep Purple - Made in Japan
    Bowie - Aladdin Sane
    Fairport - Leige & Leif
    Hendrix - Ladyland
    J.J. Cale - 5
    Crimson - Court
    Cohen - Songs of
    May Blitz - S/T
    Floyd - Meddle
    Stones - Sticky Fingers
    U. Heep - Salisbury
    Yes - Fragile
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    I'm John.


    Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding.
    Wishbone Ash: There's the Rub.
    Elton John: Capt. Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.
    Metallica: Master of Puppets.
    Rick Wakeman: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur.

    There are others but these are on my turntable very often.
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    Mine would be
    Dream Theater Images and Words
    Jeff Buckley Grace
    Zero Hour Towers of Avarice
    Surinder Sandhu Life Stories
    Kate Bush The Hounds of Love
    Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane
    Loves anything from Pain of Salvation to Jeff Buckley to Django to Sarasate to Surinder Sandhu to Shawn Lane to Nick Drake to Rush to Beth Hart to Kate Bush to Rodrigo Y Gabriela to The Hellecasters to Dark Sanctury to Ben Harper to Karicus to Dream Theater to Zero Hour to Al DiMeola to Larry Carlton to Derek Trucks to Govt Mule to?

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    As I'm an 80's guy I guess it would be these:

    Madonna - Madonna
    Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
    Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night
    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Junk Culture
    Human League - Dare!

    But in the last 10 years or so...

    Groove Armada - Vertigo
    Air - Moon Safari
    Zero 7 - Simple Things
    Faithless - Reverance
    Massive Attack - Blue Lines

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    I'm Martin.


    In my youth my collection was a lot smaller so I suppose ccertain records got hammered then wheras now the rotation is huge by comparison. So given most miles clocked up in my twenties I would say:

    Led Zeppelin - IV
    Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
    ZZ Top - Eliminator
    The Eagles - Hotel California
    The Stone Roses - S/T

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    I'm ChrisB.


    What a great thread idea Tim!
    This is going to take some thinking about though.....

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    I'm Shaun.


    Hmmm... I think for me it would be:

    Lloyd Cole 'Music In a Foreign Language'
    Jethro Tull 'Heavy Horses'
    Genesis 'Selling England by the Pound'
    Yes 'Close to the Edge'
    Camel 'Dust and Dreams'

    I also think these sum up my state of mind perfectly at any one time.

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    I'm Tim.


    Quote Originally Posted by The Grand Wazoo View Post
    What a great thread idea Tim!
    This is going to take some thinking about though.....
    Well maybe go for a long walk and come back a lot later, as I know you are going to cost me some money Chris
    "People will hear what you tell them to hear" - Thomas Edison

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