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Thread: Sonic Studio Amarra 4

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    Default Sonic Studio Amarra 4

    Any users of this?
    I have previously used Amarra 2.x and 3.x as music player on my Mac's. Have always liked what they did and consequently i "upgraded" to Amarra 4 a couple of months ago.

    What i bought has no use whatsoever as a music playing software to me. Not remote controllable, horrible response, and basically is like jus have payed $25 for a downgrade to Windows Media Player... (Actually Amarra 4 does not work at all on Windows when given the task to index 12.000songs on a remote NAS. It is available for both Mac and Win though)

    So, has anyone tried Amarra 4 and found any use for it?

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    I'm Alan.


    Using it at the moment - version 4.0.234 - agreed about the lack of a remote app but Amarra 4 Luxe will have one - just a small upgrade financially.

    Sonically it is one of the best music players I have heard.

    Currently running on my Hackintosh - with music on a Synology NAS (16,000 tracks) - no problems - I might try it on a Windows 10.

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    It does seem frustrating that Amarra is frequently highly rated for its sound quality yet suffers from glitchy unreliable interface.
    Amarras irc Dirac can be a great tool, if only the rest of the software was robust enough.

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    I'm Mike.


    Yesterday i actually recieved some feedback from Sonic Studios support team.
    It seems they have updated the software frequently during the last few weeks and found solutions to a few of my biggest issues.
    I'll reinstall later and try the latest build out.

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