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Thread: AlfaGTV's den

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    I'm Mike.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cycleallday View Post
    Can you remember who the seller was - was it an eBay shop?

    Sure Mel,
    Have a looksee here!

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    I'm Mike.

    Default Some work in progress!

    After some time i finished my curiosity project, trying out a different arm on the SL-1000 MkII.
    A piece of IKEA chopping board in bamboo was designated as raw material and after some drilling, sawing and polishing it was finally in place.
    And it sounded terrific, and quite dissimilar to the EPA-100. However, i decided to recap the powersupply and i am in waiting for some parts to arrive.

    It's not broken or anything, performed absolutely beautiful on the RPM app on the iPhone, showing extremely low flutter and wow, while speeding a tiny bit too fast.
    It's just humming a mechanically a bit and i would like to make sure nothing goes wrong with it!

    Soundwise, with the Lyra Delos, it delivered on all accounts, great drive and pace and thunderous bass where available. Really enjoyable and fun to listen too!

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    I'm Jerry.



    i. Qobuz internet streaming > Audiobyte Black Dragon DAC > Marantz HD-AMP1 > MBL 116F speakers
    Cables : Wyreworld Starlight USB, Epiphany Atratus III interconnect, Tellurium Q Silver speaker.
    USB signal pampering : Wired4Sound Recovery & Halide Bridge.
    Headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 250

    ii Internet streaming > Audiolab MDAC > Marantz HD-AMP1 > Infinity Cascade 9 speakers & Jamo SUB200

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.



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    I'm Mike.


    Looking good there Mike
    My kit, subject to change, frequently -

    TT: Goldring Lenco G99 / Technoarm / Hana SL / G1042
    Amps: Denon PMA-850, Pass F5 and TVC pre / N.E.W. A60 power
    CD Player: Doge 6
    Music discovery: Spotify into foo'd Xiang Sheng DAC-01A
    Speakers: Teribil Katkista
    RCM: Okki Nokki 2

    Free George Lindo !

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