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Thread: AlfaGTV's den

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    Default AlfaGTV's den

    as it stands right now... Inspired by Mika K's B&W photos i'll do the same for now. Have very difficult light in my den with mixed colour temperatures.

    First up is my trusty old Heybrook TT2 or TT12 due to the Valhalla motor control. Switched to a RB-301 with a Denon DL-103 this morning. Never boring, to my ears!

    And here's my digital source and preamp. Both Marantz, the pre is the SC-11S1, quite a capable fully balanced pre with a very good phono stage and an equally potent headphone amp. It delivers excellent audio to the power amp also. The top item is a NA-7004, Network Audio Player, with more capabilities than i have the energy to go through I use it as a UPnP Media Renderer for music stored on my NAS, and also as a DAC for music from the Mac Mini/Amarra which is in the background somewhere. And to be honest i also use it for sending AirPlay streams to it with surprisingly good results!

    My SACD player is also a Marantz unit, an SA-15S1 which mostly is used for playing back SACD's. Ordinary CD's are to 99% ripped once and then played from files, as this sounds a lot better in my system. Below the Marantz is the Bladelius Balder Power amp, quite a powerful unit. The toroid trafo is spec'd to some 2KVA's.

    Ah, and here's my DD TT, wouldn't dare showing pics on this forum without a Techie, would you? This is an SL-150 Mk II fitted with an SME Series III and most of the time hosts one of my lighter MM's.
    Actually i am quite fond of it and it shounds shoo shweeet with it's Ortofon 2M Black (Or Bronze or even Red if in doubt over LP quality) Horrible acoustic feedback though, on it's original feet.

    Finally, my old sweetheart, the Luxman L-530! Beautiful amp with a more than respectable phono stage and a sweet beautiful sound which "makes my heart sing"
    High current bias delivers some 20W in pure Class A and then some 120W into 8ohms in Class AB.

    Thanks for looking!
    Regards /Mike
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    That Heybrook and mighty Luxman anp look stunning indeed! Had myself L-525 back in the days and still wonder why sold it? Audiophilia nervosa I guess..
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    Thanks for sharing loooks nice
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    Lovely pics
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    Very nice

    Looks like you have a fair few LP's as well
    Please note , I cant spell , now you all know

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    Heybrook looks beautiful in those tones.

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    Beautiful, I think I have spied some of your pictures before

    Always liked the Heybrook and its top of my wish list of TT's, I think I have decided to go for a vintage as opposed to new player. Just need to find a good one now.
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    I'm Mike.


    Thanks guy's! Tim, i saw that one guy wanted advice on pricing as he was about to sell his TT2. Look in the Analogue dept. for recent post in the thread on TT2.

    I'll try and add some further pics of various bits of kit as they emerge from my closets for some out-time!


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    Whats the swirley Vertigo fuzzy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    Always liked the Heybrook and its top of my wish list of TT's, I think I have decided to go for a vintage as opposed to new player. Just need to find a good one now.
    Hehehe... I knew that you'd eventually succumb to the powers of the dark side. You've spent too long on AoS for the bug not to bite!

    Mike, awesome pics, dude. I agree with Dave that your TT2 looks stunning in black and white, just indeed as it does in colour!

    Oh, and I LOVE that Luxman - Japanese engineering at its best!

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