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Thread: CD albums that are truly 10/10

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    Default CD albums that are truly 10/10

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    I'll take Rush 2112 as a 10/10. ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rush2112 View Post
    Hmmm . have that Cd. What is it about it that inspires a 10/10?
    Music? Recording quality?
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    Discovered this thread earlier in the week and enjoyed several hours going through all 58 pages! Many recommendations are familiar, a few will be in my 'Basket' shortly..........
    My first three 'good/great sounding CDs' that are also musically special (to me anyway).........

    - Stina Nordenstam - 'And She Closed Her Eyes'. 1994 release from reclusive Swedish female artist. Fascinating album and wonderfully recorded.
    - Craig Armstrong - 'As if to Nothing'. Scottish 'Composer' who released this 2002 Album as a follow up to the equally good 'The Space Between Us'. An eclectic mixture of Electronica and Orchestration (with occasional Vocals). Amazing dynamics to the recording - sounds fantastic!
    - Prefab Sprout - 'Steve McQueen'. Great recording by Thomas Dolby - the 2007 Double CD 'Legacy Edition' is really impressive.

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    Mark Knofler and Emmylou Harris. All the Roadrunning

    John Fogerty Blue Moon Swamp

    Steve Earle and The Del Mccoury Band. The Mountain

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    I have also just discovered this thread but have not looked through all 58 pages yet so if someone else has suggested this then I'll just add it as a +1.

    I put on Roger Waters' Pro's and Con's of Hitchhiking this last weekend whilst listening to fairly new Speakers and new Interconnects.
    My copy is from 1984 and am not sure if it's been re-released/re-mastered and (possibly) ruined but this version I would put up there as 10/10. The recording is superb and the playing (Clapton on guitar) is wonderfull.

    I think this was his first solo release so some of the guitar riffs you think ''...that's familiar...'' but a great album to get lost in with the lights out on a Sunday evening !


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    I put forward the recent Chris Hilman album Bidin' My Time

    Since I got my copy last week I would say its a cracker and I've just been using it to test out my new (to me) Chord Chameleon Silver+ interconnects.

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    Carole King - Tapestry....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantheman91 View Post
    Carole King - Tapestry....

    Some of it still brings a tear to my eye, but that may be just hormones

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    Here goes some of my list

    No order to be considered regarding preference.

    Mark Knopfler - Golden Heart
    For me the best album since going solo. By far.

    The National - High Violet
    One of the best on the Indie side

    Metronomy - The english Riviera
    For me one of the great albuns of this decade

    Sonic Youth - daydream Nation
    No comments on this one

    Morphine - At your service
    Greatest band band from the musical génios Mark Sandman

    Hope you enjoy.
    If I had to pick one and get surprised it would be the last one.

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