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Thread: CD albums that are truly 10/10

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    I'm Harry.

    Default CD albums that are truly 10/10

    Over the past couple of years I've been shocked at the sound quality of some CDs but equally there have been others that have blown my socks of.

    With the right system and right CD it can sound every bit as good as vinyl IMHO. Sadly, it doesn't matter how good your system is, if it's a shit CD then you've got no chance.

    So, I thought I'd like to start building a list of CD albums with great sound quality AS WELL AS great musical content.

    I realise that the musical content bit is entirely subjective but I'm happy to live with that.

    I often by CDs on a whim. I'd be happier doing that if I knew the quality was going to be good.

    So how about we're allowed THREE PICKS EACH to start off.

    Here's my three to kick off

    NILS LOFGREN: Acoustic Live
    JOSS STONE: Soul Sessions
    GILLIAN WELCH: Harrow and the Harvest.

    Over to you . . .

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    I'm Simon.


    Johhny Cash- American IV
    Keaton Henson - Dear
    Ane Brun- Live
    Kuzma Stabi/S 12", (LP12-bastard) DC motor and optical tacho psu, Benz LP, Paradise (phonostage). MB-Pro, Brooklyn dac and psu, Bruno Putzeys balanced pre, mod86p dual mono amps, Yamaha NS1000m

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    I'm Mike.


    Michael Landau - Live
    Kari Bremnes - Live
    Chris Cornell - Songbook

    Somebody just said i like live recordings?


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    I'm Martin.


    Eric Clapton & BB King - Riding With The King
    Erykah Baddhu - Badduizm Live
    John Lee Hooker - The Healer

    Current Lash Up:

    Technics SL1200P CD Player * NVA P90SA passive pre / Krell KSA50S Power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 loudspeakers *

    'This is the sort of music I'd be listening to if I was going shopping for a training bra.'

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    I'm Nobody.


    I have an album on CD thats from 1968, that will tear shreads from any modern recording.But since it's AOS i'll not bother

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    I'm Dan.


    Quote Originally Posted by Rare Bird View Post
    I have an album on CD thats from 1968, that will tear shreads from any modern recording.But since it's AOS i'll not bother
    Spill dude i wanna know.
    Main System
    Sugden A28 & Tannoy Eclipse Speakers & Basic Interconnects & Chord Speaker Cable , Arcam Alpha 7SE
    Vinyl :
    Rega Planar 2 / RB250 / Ortofon OM Super 10 / VDH Oil Bearing Upgrade / Roksan R Mat OR Thorens TD 125 , SME 3009 & Shure V15 Type 2

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    I'm scott.


    Yello - Baby ( or any yello )
    Bliss - They made History
    Apparat - The devils work

    just 3 suggestions

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    I'm Scott.


    Smashing pumpkins - Siamese Dream

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    I'm Brian.


    +1 for Nils Lofgren -Acoustic Live.
    Lambchop - Is a Woman
    Rani Arbro - Big Old Life

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    I'm Geoff.


    June Tabor 'A Quiet Eye'

    Leonard Cohen 'Ten New Songs'

    Curtiss Mayfield 'New World Order'

    Shpongle 'Are You Shpongled'

    Kate Bush 'Aerial'

    Gobeil 'La mechanique des ruptures' (just try and find a copy of that one!)

    All these CDs are beautifully recorded and sounding superb on my system.

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