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Thread: CD albums that are truly 10/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by daytona600 View Post
    Yello - Baby ( or any yello )
    Bliss - They made History
    Apparat - The devils work

    just 3 suggestions
    Many thanks for the Yello input. I am yeat to understand how this duo has been of my radar for so long. Amazon sound.

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    I'm richard.


    Really good sounding CDs are (generalising) taken from uncompressed recordings, however the good CDs are still very different from good vinyl.

    Cds I normally avoid is the remastered versions. They can sound great but if over compressed they sound dreadfully thin and mechanical.
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    Default CD albums that are truly 10/10

    Any of the Camaron de la Isla / Paco de Lucia albums. Truly spellbinding flamenco. Start with ‘El Camaron De La Isla’.
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    Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn ( Walking in Memphis )

    Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Country Heart

    Warren Zevon - The Wind



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    Default My list

    Original warner cds of Van Morrison - made in USA especially moondance and veedon fleece
    Self titled debut of the doors first japaneese edition pre target is by far the best cd ive heard
    Most of original made in us John hiatts albums - stolen moments, perfectly good guitar, bring the family
    Original impulse cds made in us and japan
    Some of original reprise cds - Electric warrior - made in usa Neil Youngs first european editions of Tonights the night Everybody knows this is nowhere and After the goldrush
    Bridge over the trouble water - mastersound edition
    Blood on the tracks - first us edition but disc manufactured in japan
    Sly & family stone greatest hits first us edition but disc made in japan
    Mojave 3's spoon and rafter - by far the best modern mastering ive heard

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    My Favourites.......But I've got hundreds.

    Tim Buckley - Letters Live.
    John Martyn - No little Boy.
    Dire Straits- Dire Straits.
    Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell.
    Kate Bush - The Kick Inside.
    Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette.
    Brian Eno - Here come the warm jets.
    Talking Heads- Remain in light.
    S.A.H.B.- Tomorrow belongs to me.
    Van Halen - 1984.
    Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues.
    Nick Cave - The Boatman's Song.


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    Default Current Play List

    Dig:Boz Scaggs
    All You Can Eat:KD Lang
    Ultimate Collection:Eddie Brickell & The New Bohemians

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    Going way back:

    Black Sabbath - Sabotage

    Alice Cooper - Love it to Death

    Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs

    Jethro Tull - Aqualung

    Rush - 2112

    Damn near all Zep albums, most of Pink Floyd, there are too many albums that are solid all the way through to mention. I could easily list 100.


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    Leftism by Leftfield. Electronic dance music that blows the cobwebs out of your bass drivers

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