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Thread: The Hottest Technics SL-1200/1210 Topics can be found here!

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    Arrow The Hottest Technics SL-1200/1210 Topics can be found here!

    This thread will be maintained with key links so that the number of sticky threads can be significantly reduced. Hopefully this will make reading The Techiepedia easier.

    Discussion & Reviews

    The modified SL-1200: understanding the dynamics of 'synergy'....

    Marc Phillips of the Anti-Direct Drive League: Does he know his stuff or is he BS?

    But if you want to avoid heavily DJ used gear, then why go for a tt meant for DJ use

    A battle of D/Ds: Heavily-modified SL-1210 vs. Kenwood L-07D and Nakamichi TX-1000

    ***Why Technics?***

    KAB-modified SL-1210 vs. Slatedeck SP10 - a review

    When does the SL-1200 become too expensive?


    The Mike New Technics Bearing

    Vantage Audio upgraded technics bearing

    The Mike New Bearing Base Plate

    Technics Bearing Mod

    Timestep vs Mike New - opinions?


    Special Offers for Technics Owners - Techniboots

    Finally got some Isonoes....

    Isonoe feet alternative for the SL-1210

    those crazy Vantage feet...

    Supporting the SL-1210

    Power Supplies

    Technics 1210 internal regulation mods

    How to Connect an External Dc Supply to the SL-1200/1210

    The Paul Hynes regulator modules have landed, chez-Marco!

    Paul Hynes SR7EHD PSU - unlocking the latent potential of my Technics SL-1210

    Fitting a KAB PS-1200 to a Technics SL-1210

    Paul Hynes DC Cable for SL-1210

    Vantage Audio Technics SL-1210 PCB upgrade & PSU

    New Paul Hynes SR5 Power Supply

    DIY power supply for Technics SL1200/1210

    PSU for SL-1210 with pics


    Funk SL-1200 Platter & Arm

    Vantage Audio platter upgrade for Technics SL-1210

    New Composite Platter for SL1200s from Mike New

    The Funk Firm Technics Platter

    New Solid Aluminium Platter for the SL1200

    New acrylic platter for the SL-1200/1210

    Mike New platter, Oyaide MJ-12 mat & STB-MS stabiliser arrive at Marco Towers...

    Revised Mike New platter for SL-1200/1210

    Mike New Platter for Technics SL-1210

    Arms & Boards

    Special Offers for Technics Owners - Jelco SA-750D

    Making a Tone arm board out of Ebony for an SL-1210

    Headshell 'rolling' with the SL-1210

    Calling all SL-1200/1210 owners!

    Dynavector DV507-II on Technics SL-1210


    It's now time to ditch your Sound Hi-Fi/Herbie's mats...


    Technics 1210 mk2 pitch fader fix (and instructions on its removal)

    The arrival of a wee brush, and a great tweak for Techy fans...

    Mike new plinth????

    Removal of the Pitch Control fom Technics 1210

    A Kind of Blue and a bit Mike New - Changing my top plate and bearing

    Starway to (the SL 1200) Heaven
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