A classic ATC Soft Dome Monitoring - Friends around the world (special limited edition print) poster 66/100 signed by ATC's founder and chief engineer Billy Woodman on display here at Musicraft (Derby).

A picture showing one of our clients ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Cherry finish based audio system in London.

Our clients reasons for choosing ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors -

My motivation for purchasing the ATC active speakers were two fold. Firstly the sound produced by these speakers at this price point is amazing. A separate amplifier per driver combined with active filters. No need to mention the amazing mid range driver but the non-ferro fluid tweeter that will not degrade is a lesser known fact. That is a lot of no-nonsense engineering for your money.

Secondly I wanted a simple setup that I can fully control through a home automation system.

A quick chat to one of the engineers at ATC confirmed that the built in amplifiers in the speakers are perfectly fine with being switched on/off with an external switch.

Hardware -

Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry balanced DAC / pre-amp. Separate power supplies for raspberry and DAC.

Aeotec Gen 6 Z-wave switch. Used to remote control power to the speakers.

Van Damme studio microphone cable with Neutric Gold connectors between DAC output and speakers.

Android phones and tablets as remote controls.

Any dlna/upnp app that you prefer. I like HiFi Cast so far.

Software -

Minimserver on Nas.

Rune audio on raspberry pi as control point.

Home Assistant automation software running on separate Raspberry Pi.

All together this will allows me to do some pretty neat automations.

Press play on any remote control and speakers will turn on.

Tell a Google Home device to "Play Led Zeppelin on stereo".

Start playing a certain genre or "mood" when people arrive home automatically.

If nothing is playing on ATC speakers for 30 minutes, speakers will turn off.

Include ATC speakers in a Chromecast group

Summary -

The only visible hardware in my living room are the ATC speakers and a tablet as a remote control. You cannot go more minimalistic than that. It is all about the music.

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Cherry finish are at Musicraft (Derby)

The curved SCM40A is an active version of ATC's highly successful curved SCM40 passive monitors. The 3-way design, employing all hand built ATC drive units is complimented with a built-in 235Watt class AB tri-amplifier. The MOSFET based amplifier is a modified version of that found in ATC's larger active monitors, the SCM50ASL, SCM100ASL and SCM150ASL.

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors UK RRP (Cherry, Satin Black, Satin White or Black Ash finish) £6800/pair

ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is a specialist British manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units and complete sound reproduction systems, including the relevant electronic equipment. ATC designs and manufactures the finest and most accurate of monitors in the world. ATC achieves this by designing and manufacturing loudspeaker drive units and systems to achieve levels of performance far in excess of the industry norm. ATC has kept to its aims of building loudspeakers and electronics which employ the most effective of modern engineering principles. ATC don't respond to competition, instead ATC responds to advances in technology that enables ATC to improve their products. ATC's goal is to have loudspeakers as near perfection in performance as possible by having the lowest possible distortion.

All ATC products are built to meet the challenge of the latest digital recording technologies, while providing nothing less than the best sound reproduction money can buy.

By selecting ATC you join a group of music lovers, professional audio engineers, educators, studios, and musicians across the world that understand the value of the engineering that goes into every ATC product.

ATC’s products are installed at some of the world’s most prestigious multi-channel studios and auditoria. Where ever the best is required you will find ATC.

http://vimeo.com/107575611?from=outro-embed (ATC's 40th Anniversary Celebration video)

http://atcforums.co.uk/pdf/ATC%20CORP%20BROCHURE.pdf (ATC Corporate brochure)

ATC Transducer. The best of British.

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Cherry finish are at Musicraft (Derby)

What Hi-Fi reviews ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors

"But factor the built-in amplification, exotically engineered in-house drive units and the resultant exceptional sound quality and the SCM40A emerge as something of a high-end bargain. Consider us smitten."

"The ATC SCM40As are the most affordable way to get a full dose of ATC’s technology and engineering. The results are terrific."

http://www.tonepublications.com/MAGPDF/TA_073.pdf (page 138)
Tone Audio reviews ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors

"Power up the SCM40A and the ears are greeted with a speaker that has a solid grip on whatever music is played. When the Romans’ “Uh Huh” via Tidal is playing, the bass frequencies penetrate while the finger snapping is rich and textured. It’s immediately apparent that these speakers rock the house."

"All ATC drivers are built in-house, not by a third party. This may cost a bit more but the result is a perfect match from design to implementation. From the one-inch soft dome tweeter, 3-inch dome midrange, and the 6.5-inch short coil bass driver, accuracy is key and the SCM40-As have it in spades. “Shine” by Years and Years is downright addicting with its electronic bass and keyboards. The sound is so spot on you almost start listening for an artifact from Pro Tools."

"The mid range is the money zone in speakers, and never is this truer than with the SCM40As. The soft dome is a revelation, especially with acoustic guitars. The romantic Mexican string style in “Puesta Del Sol” by Sean Harkness combines mellow richness with clarity. This accuracy is a hallmark of ATC."

"For those who crave accuracy above all, the ATC SCM40A is an absolute finalist for your system. As for the balance of buyers in this price range, do yourself a favor and give them an audition; hearing the dome midrange itself is worth the time."

Mark Marcantonio

"ATC is best known for their work with recording studios, and their speakers also reside in the home of many musicians. No wonder, because they offer outstanding dispersion, tonal accuracy and tremendous dynamic range along with low distortion. Their ability to play without fatigue in the recording studio translates into home speakers that can rock at concert level all day long, should you have the need."

"If you’re tired of the cable and equipment hassle, I can’t suggest a better pair of active speakers than the ATC SCM40As. They produce sound well beyond what their price tag suggests, especially considering that you will eliminate at least a few thousand dollars in speaker cables and power amplifiers."

Jeff Dorgay

Hi-Fi Choice reviews ATC's CDA2 MK2 CDP/DSD DAC/Pre Amplifier and curved SCM40A active monitors

"As the active loudspeaker comes of age, Ed Selley sees just what a master of the art is capable of."

"One of the very best implementations of active speakers that I have spent time with."

"Of course, you don't buy products from ATC simply because they look nice, and the moment that you ask this system to get down to business, it reminds you of this in no uncertain terms."

"what is most immediately arresting is what a difference going active makes to the SCM40. The passive version of the speaker is supremely capable, but mated with ATC’s own amplification it feels like the whole presentation has been turbocharged."

"And the bass… the low end on offer here is exquisite. The technical arguments for why active speakers can generate better bass than an equivalent passive design are worthy and entirely accurate, but are no substitute for listening to what this system is really capable of. The sledgehammer low-end of Scratch Massive’s Waiting For A Sign is simply awesome. If you want bass that you feel as much as hear, there’s very little else available anywhere near this price that can out slam this setup. What sets it apart further is that there’s nothing I’ve ever heard anywhere near this price that combines this gut-wrenching impact with the agility this system possesses."

"The active loudspeaker is no longer simply the optimal choice on paper, it’s a real world champion too."

Positive-Feedback reviews ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors

"ATC are makers of studio monitors. I expect every reader of this review has at least one recording in which an ATC speaker was used in producing it. And we're talking some exceptional recordings, think Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Diana Krall, and great recording engineers, again think Doug Sax, George Massenburg and Bob Ludwig and even Walt Disney Concert Hall."

"Despite striking levels of transparency, ATC speakers share sonic characteristics between models more than any brand I've heard."

"Still, vocals are extraordinarily clear and clean—likely due to ATC's mid-dome driver which covers the range from 350Hz to 3.5kHz—essentially single driver reproduction of the vocal range. With vocals produced from a single driver, performance is enhanced. The mid-dome driver did its ATC magic. Well recorded vocals have a clarity, immediacy and "speed" that few other cone driver brands have."

"I like the place the 40A plays in the ATC line. It's an angel's balance of the somewhat kinder, gentler domestic line with a slice of the precision of their studio line. Absolutely recommended."

Stereotimes reviews ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors

Hi-Fi Plus reviews ATC's curved SCM40A active monitors

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors have been given Reference Status by Czech online magazine, hifi-voice

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Satin Black finish are at Musicraft (Derby)

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Satin White finish are at Musicraft (Derby)

ATC curved SCM40A active monitors in Black Ash finish are at Musicraft (Derby)

ATC SH25-76 HF Unit used in curved SCM40A active monitors

ATC's security guard

ATC SM75-150 Soft Dome mid range drive unit used in curved SCM40A active monitors

ATC SB50-164(SC) bass driver used in curved SCM40A active monitors

ATC SCM100ASL Professional Monitors used here at Musicraft (Derby)

ATC SCM100ASL Professional Monitors used here at Musicraft (Derby)

ATC SCM100ASL Professional monitors

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