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Thread: New Technics T/T sub-forum

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    I'm AudioAl'sArbiterForPISHANTO.

    Arrow New Technics T/T sub-forum


    Just to let you know that we've opened up a new sub-forum in Analogue Art (see here: http://theartofsound.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=46), which will be populated later with all the Techy chat, to date, which has been posted in the Analogue Art section, since the forum started.

    This will mean that those who are looking for specific info on modding the Techy, or anything else relating to that subject, will be able to find it rather more easily, and also those who have no interest whatsoever in that subject can avoid it like the plague... Listen up, Andre!

    Please bear with us for a short while, as there will be some disruption in the Analogue Art section of the forum, until the relevant threads are moved into the new Technics T/T sub-forum.

    We're also planning to do the same in Digital Expressions, with all chat relating to the Beresford DAC, also having a separate sub-forum for computer audio related discussions.

    Therefore, we need some relevant names to call the respective areas (polite suggestions only!) and we'd like you to choose, so let's hear your suggestions, what you think of our ideas for the new sub-forums and any other constructive suggestions you would like to make!

    Main System

    Turntable: Heavily-modified Technics SL-1210MK5G [Mike New bearing/ETP platter/Paul Hynes SR7 PSU & reg mods]. Funk Firm APM Achromat/Nagaoka GL-601 Crystal Record Weight/Isonoe feet & boots/Ortofon RS-212D/Denon DL-103GL in Denon PCL-300 headshell with Funk Firm Houdini/Kondo SL-115 pure-silver cartridge leads.

    Paul Hynes MC head amp/SR5 PSU. Also modded Lentek head amp/Denon AU-310 SUT.

    Other Cartridges: Nippom Columbia (NOS 1987) Denon DL-103. USA-made Shure SC35C with NOS stylus. Goldring G820 with NOS stylus. Shure M55E with NOS stylus.

    CD Player: Audiocom-modified Sony X-777ES/DAS-R1 DAC.

    Preamps: Heavily-modified Croft Charisma-X. LDR Stereo Coffee. Power Amps: Tube Distinctions Copper Amp fitted with Tungsol KT-150s. Quad 306.

    Cables & Sundries: Mark Grant HDX1 interconnects and digital coaxial cable, plus VDH 'The Wind' speaker cable. MCRU 'Ultimate' mains leads. Lehmann clone headphone amp with vintage Koss PRO-4AAA headphones.

    Tube Distinctions digital noise filter. VPI HW18.5 record cleaning machine.

    Speakers: Tannoy 15MGs in Lockwood cabinets with modified crossovers. 1967 Celestion Ditton 15.

    "Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears” - John Lennon.

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix.


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    I'm the'greatunwashed'.


    An excellent idea Marco, I'm sure André will be pleased

    Re the computer audio section, well it could simply be that - Computer Audio, or File Based Audio which I think is more pertinent and would be my choice, but novices may not connect with that name so readily as Computer Audio, which kind of 'does what it says on the tin'.

    Computer Audiophile already exists as a website and forum.

    Overall though, a very sensible idea.
    "People will hear what you tell them to hear" - Thomas Edison

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    I'm Confused.


    Bits and Bytes (for the Techy sub-forum obviously )

    My System:
    Power: Belkin PF40, Custom.hifi.cables Hydra and DC PSUs.
    Sources: Self built HTPC with Xonar ST sound card, NAD T585 multi disc player, Sony BDP-S350, Squeezebox Touch, Techncs SL1210 (mod'd) + Nagaoka MP30, Thomson Sky HD box.
    Amps etc.: 2 x Mini-T amps, MF-X10D Valve buffer clone, StanDAC 7520/Caiman (mod'd).
    Speakers: Mission 774s with added super tweeters
    Cables: best I can afford and likely to change except Homar's RF attenuated co-ax's and Mark Grant USB and HDMI cables. I also like silver i/cs and speaker cable.

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    I'm Deleted.


    Technics techniques
    Account Deleted

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    I'm Keith.


    Disco Deck Doodles
    Analogue: Lenco L75 with 'PTP5' top plate in heavy birch ply plinth/re-wired Rega RB300/SAE 1000e HOMC Cartridge/Trans-Fi Reso-Mat/Moth RCM
    Files: Voyage MPD/Custom PC/Supra USB/Beresford ASYNCH-1/Beresford TOSlink cable
    CDP: Inca Katana SE
    DAC: Beresford Caiman MkII (LiPo Battery powered)
    Pre-Amp: Croft Micro 25 Power-Amp: Croft Series 7
    Speakers: DIY Frugel-Horn Mk3 ('FH3') + REL Strata subwoofer
    Headphones: Beyer Dynamics DT990 Pro (250 ohm)/Schiit Asgard Headphone Amp
    Cables - Interconnects: Mark Grant G1000HD Speaker Cables: Van Damme Blue
    Mains: Belkin PF30/Mark Grant DSP2.5 & DSP1.0 Rack: Target

    Office System: HP Win8 Laptop/JRiver/MF V-Link2/Beresford Bushmaster MkII/Topping TP20 Mk2/Mission 771e
    Bedroom System: Raspberry Pi/Raspbrian + MPD/HiFiBerry DAC/Topping TP20 Mk2/Mission 760i or DIY Hybrid Valve-MOSFET Headphone amp + Sennheiser HD595


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    I'm Deleted.


    Techy teck
    Account Deleted

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    I'm ChrisB.


    Technic Babble

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    MartinT Guest


    Strictly speaking, that should be 'Technics Babble' but I like it!

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    I'm John.


    Technics(al) Ecstacy.....apologies to Black Sabbath
    Technics 1210/Mike New Bearing/Jelco SA750d/Goldring 2500/Paul Hynes SR5 21/27.
    Cambridge Audio 840c CD. Squeezebox Touch. Synology NAS.
    Teac A-3440.
    Beresford Bushmaster.
    Quad II monoblocks....Quad 44/405.....Croft Micro.....Cambridge Audio 840.
    Celestion Ditton 66.....KEF Reference One

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    I'm AnDreW.


    Nice idea. What about Techie Tampering, or is that too paedophilic?

    CD Teac VRDS25X(Audiotuned) DAC Caiman SEG+15V PSU+Dorado DECK 1210 Mat Crystal Audio Mods MN Base/Bearing/Platter+Ebony armboard Feet Isonoe/Ebony PSU Paul Hynes SR7EHD-27XL/DCSXL Ag DC lead/3 Stage Regs/Recap PCB+No Pitch/Strobe/Light ARM SME V(Kondo Ag Rewire&Tags) MC Cadenza Black FGS CABLES Arm Yannis SPD-4 IC Yannis 222 Litz+Ag bullets Power WAR PRE ATC SCA2 SPEAKERS ATC 50ASL STANDS Atacama PHONO Sugden Masterclass PA4 SUT Ortofon ST80SE POWER PSAudio P10


    Croft Epoch(Modified) AMP Sondex S100 (Modified) SPEAKERS Tannoy 15"MG+RFC Warwick cabs+ Reference XO DECKS Garrard301/401 (Bastin) Mat Teunto Bearings 301/401(Bastin) Plinth Moldovan/Bastin Arms 3009/3012(Ikeda Ag wired) SME V 12 PSU Eagle+Tachometer MC Ag Meister v2 / Royall N SPU's CABLES Arm Yannis 420.5 Litz+ Speaker 10mm Cu + WBT-0681 Ag IC Oyaide FTVS-510 AgWBT 0110Ag Phonostage Paradise(4 Box Modded) / EAR 834 Clone (modded)


    PRE Radford SC25 (Mullard ECC83/82) POWER RADFORD STA25 Renaissance (Electroharmonix EL34) SPEAKERS Celestion Ditton 15 (Duelund Rewired/Jantzen+Duelund Recapped) CABLES Speaker - Duelund AWG 12IC - Belden 8402+Switchcraft RCA

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