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Thread: AoS current image logo

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    I'm Paul.


    Yeah, I see what it is Stan, Robs ruined the image of the Apogee Dac by sticking a pic of one of the cheap and nasty Beresford Dacs next to it.

    Talk about beauty and the beast.

    Do we have a smiley stirring with a large spoon??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Ah but do you mean the logo (AOS), Stan, or the banner?

    I wish I knew. I once spent 15 minutes talking to a transvestite, before it dawned on me that the adam's apple was out of place.

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    I'm Rob.


    Hehehehe, just as well you don't bed girls in ten minutes Stan, if you did the adam's apple wouldn't be the only thing out of place.
    Evolution: One man's preposterous and non-sensical hypothesis based on the death of his daughter, now sadly taught as fact. Evidence to the contrary.

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    I'm Nick.


    My system...

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